Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who I Am

First of all, I know that this post will offense some people but I'm gonna write it anyway.

I believe that people nowadays judge other people very easily. When people made a mistake, they said that the person is an ass. When people commit a sin, they call them 'Murtad'. Some said that 'Couple itu Haram'. For me, it is not haram if you do it in a right way like not holding hands or be at somewhere with just the two of you. Another thing is about wishing Christmas. People said that it is haram to say the words but for me, I believe that it wasn't. Islam is all about respect. We have to respect everyone else including other religions. And I personally think that wishing Merry Christmas is not wrong, we have to respect other religions like some of them respect ours. If we can't wish Merry Christmas because it was like we are approving their religion, then we should not wish Happy Deepavali or Happy Chinese New Year or whatever. And they don't have to wish ours either. We should all live in a cave and be racists. My dad said, if our 'iman' are strong and we believe in Allah SWT, then wishing Merry Christmas is not wrong. Just because I said bad stuff like most of the time, that doesn't mean I don't pray to Allah.

This is just my opinion and who I am, if you are disagree with it then it's fine. Everybody have their own opinion.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I see...

I like to observe people and what they do, it's just my thing you know. On this holiday, I've seen many things. Number one, I see lots of my friends or aquaintance talk about driving license. So many drama, I tell you. Okay so first week after SPM, I saw they talked about attending KPP whish was 5 hours long. Some asked for my advice because I already have a driving license :D My only advice for them is to bring their ipod or phone because it is boring as hell. Then this week, I saw people talked about computer test and another driving course for six hours. I knew that if they want to sit for computer test, they have to come very very early because this is holiday season, it's going to be packed with people. When I sat for the test before, I don't even have to wait. I walked in, and answer it directly then I left the place. The second thing I see, is that most of my friend re-create or create a blog. One of my friend create a new blog just now and one of my friend re-create her blog. It's great, because now I can read their blog and they can read mine (I hope they'll read). Next thing I see, most of my FB and Twitter friends change their status from single to in a relationship and some from in a relationship to it's complicated and finally back to single and some from married to single. Me? I haven't change my status (I'm not a loner). I also learnt that, most of my followings on twitter are bunch of kids. They are age between 13 to 16. And all 15 kids, are scared of their results tomorrow. The last thing I learnt is that, you don't have to be smart or cool to become a twitfamous. Recently, there's one girl named Tengku Sophia become a trending topic worldwide because she insulted Islam. And there's one guy who just deactivate his twitter account and he also become a TTWW. And lastly, there's one gy named Apit that become a TTWW in just one day because of his stupid tweet. He tweeted like this, 'Apit c0weY apit tak daPatz puAskAn aty 0rang rAmAi' and even stupid Bieber tweet about him. I learnt that, Malaysians are great topic trenders because in just one week, we trended few people. So that is all I see, so far.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Underworld is a game that I bought for over a year ago. I bought it because I thought the game would be adventurous and fun, besides Lara Croft is a beautiful girl. But it turns out to be I was wrong, the game wasn't adventurous, it was brutally adventurous and I have no clue how to solve the missions. I stucked on the first level inside the ocean and there are jaws every where. Well not every where, but there are two. They chased you know, and we have to kill them. Anyway, since I stucked on the first mission, I stopped playng it. But now that I'm on my long holiday, I don't know what should I do so my sisters and I decided that we want to try the game once again with a little help of YouTube. We managed to accomplished level after level, and now we are in Level four or five I can't remember. Each levels are different and really really hard. Sometimes we even have to fight with tigers, puma, big spiders, mummies and giant octopus, damn it hard. And we have to climb up walls and poles and swing from one building to another. Somehow, the game freaked me out a little bit, espescially when I have to swim. Tomb Raider is about history and artifacts, so I'm learning as well. The game is not over yet, I have to complete few more level than I'm out.

Forced Marriage

I was forced to get marry with someone I haven't met before. It was crazy, I tell you. I didn't get the chance to see my future husband face though. It was just a dream I had last night. I don't know whatis the meaning of this but it was scary. The wedding take place in my school hall, which makes it more weird. The guests are all school students and some of them were my classmates. Then when my supposed to be future husband want to do the 'ijab kabul', I ran away. Yeah, kinda like a Bollywood movie but it's the truth. Then I woke up. I don't know why I dreamt about it, but I'm glad it was just a dream. I don't want to be force when it comes to marriage, I want to get married with a guy that I love or I knew. All I know is that, the event is not going to happen real soon. Maybe eight or ten years to come.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a new rising star. It was MTV Push that introduced me to this new singer. MTV kept airing her song called Video Games and my first impression towards her was; She's beautiful but her voice is really bad and I don't like her at all. But after few times of watching her video and mocking her, I started to think that; her voice is not that bad and so was her song. So my sister downloaded her songs, Video Games and Blue Jeans. Her songs are good but I don't like the lyrics much. The lyrics are little bit lusty and sensual but when she sings, it sounded like she was depressed. Anyway, I still like her song. Her songs are memorable like hell, I kept singing her song all day everyday.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I still remember my first day at SMKBBB. I was form 1 at the time, and I was placed in 1 Aman. From what I was told, Aman is the best class in the school so I was proud. I don't remember much, but I have lots of friends there. I met most of my nowadays friends from there. Shina was the first person ever speak to me, and then I met Raja, Mon, Zoo,Muaz and so many more. That was the beginning of my journey at SMKBBB. I've been in Aman from I was in my form 1 until now, Amanians forever. I've finished my SPM few weeks ago and I kept recalling all of my school memories. How I met Shu and the first time I saw Lili my crush. When I think of it all over again, I realize how much I've grown and what I've been through. Yes I miss all of my friends. No I don't miss school, I just miss hanging out with my friends. Lets just say, FB and Twitter is not enough. Its great that I can keep in touch with them but its not the same. I still can't see them right in front of me and making jokes with them. But it is what it is, school has ended and I have to deal with it. I gotta plan my future from now on even though I still have no clue what course should I take. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miss Her

My favourite game ever, Final Fantasy XIII have another sequels. FF XIII-2 will come out winter 2011. I can't wait for it. Can't wait for the story and the adventures.  I can't wait to use Lightning and kick everyone's butt. Lightning is my favourite game character ever besides Lili from Tekken. From the trailer, I found that Lightning was trapped in another world another year. She was dragged from the real world after saving Serah (her sister). In this game,I could use Serah as well and she is going to save Lightning from the world. And there is going to be a new villain, and a new character. Can't wait to try them! And Lightning is going to have a new costume, kinda like a warrior instead of soldier like the last one. But she still have her Odin, the horse that could turn into a gianti warrior.

I Miss Her

Living Free, so far

Before SPM, I've planned on doing many things. I want to read novels that I bought before SPM, I want to play games like crazy, I want to online everyday, I want to play with all of my cats etc etc. So far, the only thing that I did was online everyday because I have my phone with me all the time and I can tweet everytime. I also played with all of my cats everyday. Everyday, I go out of my house and I sat on a wood table and all of my cats will come to me. What can I say, I like being surrounded with cats. It is the best feeling in the world. I love them so much, I gave them food and refill their water to drink. I play with Junior's kittens, I named the Emmet, Deff and Bay (those are the characters of Switched At Birth show on Star World). Also, I spent most of my time with my little sister, Iman everyday! I love her so much and I feel like she's growing so fast everyday. I just bought a new video game, King of Fighters XIII. It used to be one of my favourite game ever on PS1. I still got it, I still got the skill and I love it. And my sister and I tried to play one game that we bought a year ago. The game was Tomb Raider:Underworld. We played this game a year before and we stucked on the first level. But now, we manage to walk through it and we are on level 2! It is the toughest game ever! My sisters and I played Sims 3 Pets and each one of us have our own sims with our names. I like building houses on sims. Maybe I could be an architect in the future because the houses I've build was Awesome (high pitch voice). So the only thing that I havent do is reading all of my pending novels. Maybe next week kot. Okay so that is all my routine everyday on Living free, so far.

Last Paper of SPM

Okay one week after Biology, I have to face my last paper of SPM that is EST. I'm quite nervous because I didn't have any clue of what questions will came out. So I study on the last minute using the Internet to search for any information that I think will come out. When the arrived, I must  say I'm prepare for any question. So when I open the paper and I read the question. The question was about, ROBOTS. I didn't see it coming at all. I didn't do any research on robots so I'm scared. When I see the question, all that I can think of is the movie Terminator, Robo-Cop and Transformer. Thank God, I did well. I elaborate on the points given and I finished my report after 55 minutes writing. Then I continue with section A and I finished it on time. After 2 hours, I have EST paper 2 and it was objective so I didn't worry much. I think I did well on my EST paper, and I hope I will get an A for it.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Third week of SPM

The third week was the most tiring week ever. First paper of the week was Chemistry. Lets just say I don't have chemistry with Chemistry. Paper 1 was really really really scary. I am not feeling good about it at all! When I looked at the questions, the only thing that come to my mind was "Why I didn't drop this subject?" Paper 2 was okay, better than paper 1 for sure. Paper 3 was hkjhjkn. Now I know that I'm not going to get an A for Chemistry. Next was Biology, one of my favourite subjects. Paper 1 was okay, I'm satisfied with my answers. Pper 2 was okay as well. There are some question that I felt like 'What the heck?' and some question I felt like "Oh yeah baby!". Paper 3 was really really really my favourite paper. My spot topic came out and I was smiling for the whole hours. I don't know if I'm gonna get an A or not, but I'm satisfied with my answers and I felt good about it. One paper left on next week, EST!

PS// To those who didn't take EST, happy independence day for you guys!

Second week of SPM

On the second week of SPM, I have PI paper. The first paper of the week was PI. I think I did well but who knows what is going to happen. We can only plan, but it was His decision. On the next day I don't have any paper. Then I have to face my old nemesis, ADDMATHS!!!! I wasn't scared at all for the paper, I was just nervous. I know I'm not going to get an A for the subject but I think I'll pass. Paper 1 was :( Paper 2 was :| Without getting any rest, I have to study for Physics. So Physics paper 1 was okay. Paper 2 was okay as well, better than paper 1 I guess. I started with essay question and I think I did a pretty good job. Lastly paper 3. I am so scared for this paper because I have no clue what question will came out. But I'm quite relieve, because my spotted topic came out and I think I did well on it. Three subject left and I can't wait for SPM to be over.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

First week of SPM

First week of SPM is over and I am so happy. That means, school is almost over and I can go back to my game life. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released by the end of the year, can't wait for it! Okay back to main topic, SPM. So far, the first week was alright. BM was okay and very tiring, I  wrote a long essay. Well, long for me but not for others. I wrote an essay with less than 500 words and others wrote about 1000 something. But I'm pretty confident with my essay so I don't mind. Besides, total words doesn't matter, what matter is the content! That is what my teacher said, she said don't write a long essay because they want to see the content of the essay and the maturity of thought. Okay move on with BI. Essay was okay, I guess. I stumbled at first, but then I managed to write a good essay. BI paper 2 was easy, I finished the paper in an hour and I slept for another hour left. Then SJ, I think I've done well but we'll see. Okay, paper 1 was quite hard. I prefer paper 2 more. I spent 2 hours answering  essay question and half an hour on structure. I finished it on time, like a champ. I'm a little scared because I don't read much. I answered based on my memory. Lastly, I have Modern Maths. Not a big fan of numbers, so I'm quite nervous of it. On paper 1, I left few questions because I can't answer them  so I just close my eyes and tick and any answer. Paper 2 was easy, I can answer all of the question. I answered the questions using my pen for the first time ever. Usually I just used my pencil. I answered all questions on section B because I finished the paper quite early. I heard people said Math was hard and I got scared. Maybe I thought it was easy but then I did many careless mistakes. I don't know, we'll see my results in another 3 months. That is all for this week and I have 6 subjects and 2 weeks left, so wish me luck!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I pass :)

I passed my driving test That means, I can drive now. HAHA the problem is I dont have a car. NVM coz' I can use my sister's car. I want a BMW Mini Cooper but I know that it is expensive so maybe I'll own it someday in the future. I'm just happy that I passed my test.

Trial Story II

Here is my another trial story. On the last week, I only have to sit for three subjects that is Biology, Chemistry and English for Science and Technology (EST). Okay as usual, it was hard. I know I cant finish reading the whole bio reference book in one day, so I read my little short note book. So I save the time. Instead of reading 500+ page, I only read less than 100 page. Same thing goes to chemistry eventhough the book is not so complete as biology. Can I answer the questions? Emm not so much but I've tried my best. As for EST, we dont even have to read, I mean EST covers for Bio, Physics and Chemistry. I dont know what question will come out. It could be in Bio field, or physics or chemistry. You just have to be strong and hoping that its gonna be okay. The EST report is about Microbes so its simply in Bio field. How am I doing? Well for the first time I got to finish answering like 5 minutes before the paper ends. Usually I dont get to finish it. And I have to sit for Physics on the next week. Yeah, kinda late. Emm same thing with bio and chemist, I read the short notes. So far paper 1 was a disaster. Paper 2 was better.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My house is open

I kept asking my mum whether we are going to have open house or not and she kept saying I dont know. She said, maybe she's going to plan a BBQ party with only my friends, my sis' friends and my bro's. But then she said, we are going to have a small gathering with only our friends and no neighbours. Mama said dont invite too many people, coz its just a small feast. So I invited Umu, Erin, Faa, iLi, Alya and the gedik's and Shu. Erin and Alya and the gedik's cant come. The first guest ever is my friend, Shu and her sister. Poor kid, Shu macam tak layan jek. Then iLi and Faa arrived followed by Umu. All of them wanted to play with Iman and they seems like they dont want to let her go. Even when I told them to eat, Faa refused coz she wanted to stay with Iman. Shu got the chance to see her long lost siter, Aisa. HAHA not a sister, but they looked the same. Aisa is my bro's beautiful gf. Then after they eat, they play with Iman some more. We snap lots of picture on my phone and camera. Shu got the chance to feed Iman herself, iLi macam jealous jek. I must say, they got the 'ciri2 keibuan'. Then Shu left, followed by iLi, Faa and Umu. But Mama want to give them sate so they have to wait. Then they got so demanding, they wanted chicken. OMG they got three chicken each. I dont mind at all lah. iLi got so nice all of sudden, she gave Iman money. I was like whaaaaa, dia tak pernah bagi I duit pun tetibe Iman dapat. Jealous meh. Anyway, I had lots of fun and yes it was tiring.

PS// I'm sorry I cant invite the others :(

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trial story

The first day of trial was BM and I think it went well. I dont think it was my best but I think I'll pass. On the next day I have BI and I think I can do better than that. I went blank on the essay part and I feel like I let myself down. Next is mathematics and I must say I'm pretty happy with my effort but again, I know I can do better. There are few question that I 'pakai tembak'. And on the next day is History, my favourite subject! I'm pretty nervous coz I have to read a lot. Then I search on my twitter, and I got 'soalan bocor' for paper two. My source is different from other people and the question are different as well but it turns out to be that mine is the right one. On the next week, I have Agama paper and I feel good about it coz again, I got soalan bocor! But it was pretty easy. And on the next day is my least favourite subject of all time, Additional Mathematics. Paper one was quite okay but paper two was damn hard. I feel like killing someone when I saw the questions. I dont think I'm gonna pass addmath but I've tried my best. So I have another week, and its gonna be Science topics. Wish me luck.


Emm Raya raya raya. I'm not much of a raya person coz its too crowded. The whole family will gather in one house and talk about their lives bla bla. The only thing I like during raya is the food, there are ketupat, rendang, lodeh, ayam merah and sometimes nasi beriani. Usually my family will gather at Segamat with my father's side but this year we celebrate raya in JB with my mum's family. Its a little bit awkward at first but I had a pretty good time. My mum's side, they are loud. They talk a lot espescially Kak Rai my cousin, she keep on talking and I'm tired by just watching and listened to her. Then we went to Segamat, but it was just a short visit then we went straight to Bangi. Never in my entire life, I celebrate the third day of raya in my place and went for a movie. I didnt count my duit raya yet, I just put them in my purse and left it somewhere in my room. The best part is, I have trial on the next week of raya.

PS// I'm not gonna upload my raya picture coz I dont take a lot picture this Raya.


Have any of you heard this, 'Atas rumah bersilat, turun ke tanah kena tampar'? I just heard when I'm in bilik simulasi BM. I laughed when I read it and I was trying to figure what does it means. So I asked Pn Hasnah aka my BM teacher, she said it is not a peribahasa. It is a reminder or a warning. It means, ones have to show our manners and be polite. Such a funnh line, I wonder how do they come out with this line on the first place.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I cant roll my tongue

So when I study Bio chapter Inheritance and Variation, I learned that we have dominant and recessive traits. Teacher asks all of us to roll our tongue and it turns out that I cant roll my tongue. It is something that we can learn because its in our genes. So I have recessive traits, so what?! My friends that can roll their tongue are showing off in front of me. I feel like cutting their tongue whenever they did that. Thank God I still have humanity deep inside my my heart, so I didnt cut their tongue. Well not yet, if they keep on rolling their tongue in front of me I will cut it.
Damn it, even this baby can roll his/her tongue!

Stupid SoodSameon!

So I know I have unfollowed this guy from twitter long time ago. But I kept seeing his picture everytime when people are retweeting him. I hate him! He is so fuckin' arrogant and he thinks he's cute. He thinks that he is better than everyone else coz he live in Australia. Weh Sood! You are a Malaysian, so dont mock us malaysian. So ingatla siket, asek ckp mak kau org Scottish. Tu mak kau! Kau lahir kat Malaysia, raise in Malaysia and you speak Malay as well. You are like a 'nut forgetting its own skin'

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I have a new baby sister :DD

As stated in the title, I have a new baby sister. Well not a biological sister but still, she is my sister. My parents are adopting this girl ever since she was in her mother's belly. We didnt know whether its gonna be a boy or a girl but we already figure out a few names. If its a boy then we're gonna named him Ilham. And we got few suggestion for the girl name. At first, Mama suggested Aliana, then I suggested Balqis. But then when we saw Harry Potter movie there was a girl named Ariana in the movie. And my sister and I suggested Ariana because we love HP and we got the name from HP and it turns out to be it has meaning. It means 'Full of Life'. Then when the baby comes out (6/8) its a girl. Mama suggest the name Nurul Iman. And after my sister and I have a talk we decided to named her, Nur Iman Ariana. She was beautiful and I still cant believe that I have another sister. She was so lovely and adorable, I hope that she will see me as a cool loving caring sister even though I'm 17 years older than her.

PS// to all of my friends, I'm sorry that I never told you guys about my family adopting a baby. We wanted to wait until the baby is here.

Pottermore :D

All of my friends know that I am a big potterhead. In case some of you dont know, potterhead is a term that describe a Harry Potter fan. As a potterhead, I know that there is a website that was just launched and it is called POTTERMORE. The website will be open for all on October 2011 but they have early registration that last for only a week. For those who registering in that one week can open the website and see it first. And for those who are unfortnate, they can see the website when it is fully launch. My sisters and I already in the pottermore and we can see it first. NYAAAH!

PS// my username will be GobletGhost200 :D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second Random Question

Again, iLi asks me a random question that bothers me. This time she asked me this, "Diana, do you feel glad that you know me? Do you feel glad that I moved here?" Well I didnt answer her, instead I ask her this, "How do you feel? Are you glad that you moved here?" And she said yes, cause if she's not then she would never met me, and the other friends. What bothers me with that question is that if I never met her then I will experience the same bored routine like I used to. I admit, I had a very good time this year coz I met two new friends, Faa and iLi. I had lots of fun this year since I met them. So I feel glad that I get the chance of meeting them :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Question

Yesterday during English class iLi asks me one simple question. She said, "What would you do, if I'm not here and we never even met or knew each other?" And I just said that I probably gonna do my work and talk to Zoo like we used to do when iLi wasnt here. But the thing is, something about the question bothers me much. I realize that I have such a great friend that is iLi and ever since I met her, I had such a good time in class. I cant imagine myself without her sitting next to me in English class or lab. Funny how a simple random question could change my perspective to her and my other friends.

PS// The reason why I wrote about iLi more than my other friends is because she's the one who asked me the question. So no jeles-jeles or touching-touching eh :)

I miss You

My class teacher has rearranged our class seats. And where do I seat now? I'm at the front row and the best part is its right in front of teacher's desk. Why? Its because I got no. 7 in class on my mid term. Dont get me wrong, I like being in the top ten but the thing is I dont like to seat in front. I am so far away from my usual friends back there. I no longer seat next to Tia, Faa is way back there coz' she's absent from mid term and iLi also at the back. My new partner is now Zahra, she is fine and I'm cool with it. We talked a lot and we got bored during Sejarah period. The problem is, I miss my friends. I cannot believe I said this, but I miss iLi. I miss Faa. I miss Tia. I miss talking to them and just chilling at the back. NVM, I still got the chance meeting iLi and Faa at the lab and English class :D

Frickin' SWATCH

My bro gave me a birthday gift. Its a little late but at least he gave me something. He gave me a wrap gift and he told me its a pencilbox. And I believe him. So I open the wrap and its not a pencilbox. Its actually a watch. Not just a watch, its a SWATCH! I am so frickin' happy, I loved it so much. However, I'm not gonna wear it, I only wear it when I'm going out for fun. I will wear t on the premiere of Harry Potter :D Thanks Amad, I love you.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Presents

So here are the presents and cards I got. That card behind there with a picture of a tree, thats from Tia. That cute little card and the turtle with a round glass are from Umu and Erin. That beautiful blue shawl is from Raja. And lastly, the card with picture of cake and that cute sleepy squid are both from Shu. Thanks guys, for the presents, I really like it so much :)

Sweet seventeen

22nd June has been great for me. I got tons of wishes from my family and friends. I got presents from them as well. Thanks guys for wishing me Happy Birthday and thanks to those who gave me presents. I got presents from Umu and Erin that gave me a presents from Thailand, special kot. Thanks to Raja as well for the shawl, I'm loving it. Raja macam taw jek yang I sekarang tengah try pakai shawl. Big thanks to Tia, for that card. I'm still waiting for another ehem2 present from you Tia. And thanks to my Shu darling, for the sleepy squid and the card. I love it so much. And I'm suprised that iLi and Faa wish me coz I thought they had forgotten my bday, but it turns out to be I was wrong. They remembered, so I feel good. Haha now that I'm 17 years old, I can get my driving license :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love you

Father's day is tomorrow and we have arranged something for Ayah tomorrow. We already booked a cake for him and we're going to celebrate it as one big happy family. Ayah doesnt have any clue about this, so we've asked for Mama's help. I hope everything went perfectly well tomorrow coz its a special day. Ayah had sacrifice so much for us and there is no way we can repay him. I hope that by doing this is enough to show him how much we love him. I love you Ayah!

Ps// I wrote in purple coz its a special post :)

Max shedding

I'd like to tell a story about Max. So last week, my brother give me one shocking news. He told me that Max maybe sick, her eyes turns grey and her skin seems dull. So I googled about cornsnake and I learnt that she's about to shed her skin soon. It means she's healthy and growing up. So we wait for a few days, and her eyes turns into normal colourbut we cant find her skin. But later that night, my brother says she shed her skin. I envy him coz he got the chance to witness that precious moment. We decided to keep her skin coz its our first time to have something like that. Anyway, my friends want to see her shedded skin so I'm gonna upload it. It was beautiful :)

Taknak kawan!

So my friend, Tia said that I post about iLi a lot. And I just realizes that. But here I am, still want to talk about iLi, again. Like always, I asked for her blog and as always she said 'Diana, kita tak ready lagi la' but sometimes she said, 'Diana, kita tak update blog kita lagi'. iLi, takkan sampai sekarang tak update lagi! So when she refuse to give me her blog, I said to her 'Oke tape, taknak kawan!'. And today merajuk because she dont to give me her blog. And she asks me me why I'm merajuk.Well iLi, I merajuk coz you dont to give me your blog.

Ps// I talk about iLi a lot, I should make an iLi section kan?

Game on!

I am known to be as a game maniac to all my friends. Well maybe not all of them, but only to people who know me really well. Ever since I was a kid, my parents taught me how to play video game. My favourite game when I was a cute little girl is Tekken and few others that I cant remember their name. Oh and Wrestling of course, and SNK vs Capcom. Damn it was fun! Then our PS 1 broke and my parents didnt bought us PS anymore. I played PS 2 couple of times at my cousin's house and at the game stores. What game did I played? Wrestling of course! Then I begged my parents to buy me PS 3. And I got it. I admit, the games are expensive as hell. 100 above for only one game. But we only bought a game like once in two or three months. My favourite so far is, Wrestling duhh. And Final Fantasy XIII! Wohooo I love that game and I'm the only one in my family that plays the game. Why? Well its because they dont know how to play the game. It was hard but I like it. And now my new favourite is The Sims 3! SPM is getting closer and my addiction is getting bigger. I have to stop playing those games, but gimme another couple of months. Cant wait till SPM is over, Final Fantasy XIII part 2 is out on December. Cant wait for some action. Muahahahahahaha (doing my signature evil laugh)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm in a gang

Wow the holiday is almost over. I dont want it to be over, I want to froze the time so that Monday will never come. Unfortunately, I cant do that. I dont have any power to do such things, I'm not a mutant like those guys in X-men. How good is that story? I havent watch the latest movie. So anyway, I heard and read that few gang in my class are going out. There is one group which I'm not going to tell their name here, planning to go to shopping complex and having slumber party. And there is one group that has no name which consist of the past past years Aman classmates. Of course not all students are invited (including ME). But they are planning to have lunch together or whatever. So I wonder, no one is making plan with me. Why? Well its probably because I'm a boring type of person at school and maybe because they dont like me. Nevermind, I already spent my time with my gang, theye are my family and pets. I had so much fun with my gang and I welcomed two new gang member, Max the snake and unnamed kittens (we probably gonna named him Yudi). Once you're in, you're in forever. There's no way out. We're all one big happy family :)

Killer Octopus

When I was a kid, my sister and I watch a movie. I cant remember the title of the movie but I tell you, that movie was awesome. Its not a malay movie and no its not a comedy. It was horror or suspense, I cant decide. I only remember few punchline of the movie. The movie involved a cephalopod or we all call it as octopus or squid whatever. I remember that there were bunch of highschool kiddos and there were murders happen that time. And the highschool kiddos are trying to save their lives from killer octopus. And they uses drugs to keep them safe, yeh I cant remember the function of the drug but then they discover that the octopus was one of them. Yes, the octopus is actually a human that can transfrorm into octopus. I remember that the killer was the sweetest girl from the group and I cannot believe that shes the bad guy. And there are part when they were running from the bad guy or should I say bad girl. My favourite part is in the pool. There is one guy trying to escape the octopus and he ran into a pool. How stupid is that aite? I mean she is an OCTOPUS! She can swim dude! And somehow he manage to escape the pool. Then the girl came out of the pool as well, and she was NAKED! I'm just a kid back then, but I know how hot she was at that time. Her body was hot and shes hot. Okay thats all I remember. I cant remember anything after the naked scene. Anyway, my sister and I wish that we can watch the movie again. We cant remember the title and the actors. If anybody know the movie, please tell me. I mean there was a naked scene, someone must remember. Even I remember, I was just a kid that time and that was my fav part. Hahaha

Crappy Talk Four

iLi still hasnt give me her blog url. Damn it iLi, why cant you just give it to me? I really want to see her blog, badly. I mean like crazy badly desperately. Why cant she just gave her url aite? I mean whats the point of creating a blog when you dont any people to see it and read it. She said shes not ready, well iLi I will wait. I will ask you frequently until you're gettin' tired of me. I will wait until she finally gave me her url, eventhough I know she might not gonna give me her url ever. Yep, shes not going to give me her url ever. And here you go again Dee, another post full of crappy talk.


June is finally here. My bday is getting closer. I cant tell if I'm excited or scared. I'm exited that I finally reach 17 years old which means I finally get the chance to get a driving license. I'm scared that I'm getting older and still havent met a guy that who knows could be my soulmate. And of course I'm scared of failing my driving test and duhh SPM. You know what? I'm feeling grateful as well. I manage to stay alive for seventeen years and maybe more than that. Some person didnt even get the chance to stay alive this long. So thank you God.

Maxxie baby

All of my friends knew that I always wanted a snake. I've begging my parents for a snake for like a millions of time. I finally got my wish. I got a snake! A corn snake, just what I want. But it wasnt a gift from my parents, my brother bought it. I am totally suprised when he told me that he's already pay the guy for the snake. My parents didnt know about this at all. We only told them about the snake after my brother brought it home. They are pretty furious bout it at first but we're cool now. We got their blessings. The name is MAX. She is more beautiful than what I expected. I am totally in love now. Max is my new baby :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


You came to me three weeks ago,
What we had isn’t special,
I hate you,
I curse you,
I wish you were never around,
I finally got my wish.

You are leaving me,
You promise to come back,
I wish you never said that,
Because you and I will never be together,
But who am I to stop you.

Next time you’re here,
I will be ready,
And I hope we’ll have a better relationship,
Farewell for now,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boo, tengok ni!

I log on to my myspace which I last open it emm maybe 1 or 2 years ago. I forgot my password, so after like millions of attempt, I finally did it. Its been so long and I feel like I dont even know MS anymore. So I look at my photos and I miss the old me. The fun and very good looking me. I used to very 'fotogenik' and my hair, they are amazing. After looking at my photos I found one amazing pic. Not the picture of me but it was someone I care about. No its not the acidman, this is my bestfriend. I lost the pic when I bought my iPhone and now the pic is back with me. I miss the pic, there are many gossips and rumour about this pic when I uploaded it before. Can you guess who is this?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


See I know this girl, I cant tell you the real name here so I'm gonna change her name to Senah. I know her since last year I think. So I'm not close with this Senah girl, I mean she's not the type that I'd like to call friend. But I dont hate her, at least until today. She make me pissed that I feel like I want to hit her with my book and throw stick at her like Sue Sylvester does to Mercedes Jones in Glee. So anyway, she ask me to do something which is fine by me. But I dont like the way she ask me. She marah2 me and claiming that I'm not responsible. I was like WTF Senah, cant you ask me with proper manner? You see Senah, I maybe quiet but that doesnt mean you can be rude to me and expect me to let it go. In case you dont know me, I'm not nice when I'm mad. I will get you back, maybe not today or tomorrow but someday. You will look at me one day and you will be sorry for what you've done to me. Mark my word Senah.

Ps : I sounded evil kan? Wah garangnya :D Muahahahaha *cute evil laugh


I used to have long hair. I mean like, they are really long, sampai lutut bai. Everyone seems to love my hair but not me. I dont like it at all, I think the hair is too long and its hard for me to take care of it. So after few years of asking and begging my Mama to potong rambut, she finally agrees when I'm in form one. I only cut it for like a few inches only at first. Then after that, I asked Mama to cut it even shorter. So I went to saloon and cut it short. I even colured my hair. I wish I could show you my hair, it was uh-mah-zing! At that time, I realize that I look cute and awesome with short haircut. So I stay with shorthair till now. The problem is, people call me with so many names. They call me pengkid. Just because I have short hair, that doesnt mean I'm a pengkid or transgendered or anything. I like it short and I will keep it that way for a while. Now I heard this Gaga song called Hair and I like it. The lyrics says,

Wherever I go they stare at me
I won't change it, because of your taste
This is me, this is my hair
All you could find is under my wig
Whether my hair is my pink
My soul is pink
This is who I am

Monday, May 16, 2011

iLi sayang

iLi baru buat blog and she dont want to give me her url. I want to see her blog!!! iLi sayang, please sayang :)

SoodSameon is gone

I have unfollowed SoodSameon from twitter. It felt good now that I dont have to see his tweet. But I dont have the chance to see his face anymore. I wish I could show you his face coz he is damn cute but nanti dia tahu habislah! HAHA never mindlah, there are plenty of cute guys out there espescially on twitter. Guys on twitter are very goodlooking but most of them are taken. HEH :|

Holly Holiday

I cant wait for the holiday. I have no plan for the holiday yet but still I'm excited. I mean, I dont have to go to school and I dont have to wake up early and the best paty is, I can mandi lambat! I can play volleyball and badminton time petang. And I can play with all of my cats for the whole day. BUT before the holiday, I have to face my Mid-Term Exam. It is like the worst nightmare coz its a three weeks exam. And my parents are gonna come to school and meeting with my class teacher to see my bad results. So far six out of ten paper are done and I have four more. So far, I'm pretty confident with my Physics paper and for the first time in my life I feel like I'm gonna fail my History Paper. History is my favourite but I didnt do well this time. Damn it! Anyway I have study for the four last paper. Wish me luck folks

Crappy Talk Three

I've always known as an animal lover to my friends. I really am okay. I love all kinds of animal except for cockroach. Okay I dont want to talk about them, I want to talk about snake. Yes, I love snakes as well. I've always wanted a snake ever since I was a kid. Now I want it more than ever. You see, my birthday is next month and ask my parents for a snake. I want a cornsnake badly. They are cute and their eyes looks innocently cute. My friends call me crazy for saying that snakes are cute, I dont care. I love snakes and I want them as my new pet. Oh great Dee, another crappy talk. Such a waste of time :|

How cute is that

Change of plan

Change of plan guys! I'm not going to keep my hair. I want to cut it and stay short for a while. I'm trying to keep it but its so hot and I cant take it anymore. My hair is getting longer and I'm so 'rimas'. Mama says I can cut my hair and I will cut it maybe by the end of the week or whenever Mama free. I dont care if people are going to call me 'pengkid' or transgendered or whatever. Its my hair, my rights to cut it any style I want. Besides, I look awesome with short hair. And I dont even have to comb it. So jimat masa maaa.

Friday, May 6, 2011


See I know a guy from twitter and he is so fu**in cute. I cant say his name here coz I'm afraid that he's going to read my blog. So I'm gonna give his false name and its gonna be SoodSameon. Okay sounds good, LOL. SoodSameon, he got like thousands of followers and 98% of them are girls. And all of the girls are crazy bout this guy. They tweeted him so many times. They said, 'SoodSameon is the cutest guy ever' and some of them kept saying that his hair are nice (I admit, they are nice). What I dont like is that he is becoming so arrogant and perasan handsome (he is handsome). The girls declare the 1st May as SoodSameon day, and I was like, "WHAT? Sampai macamtu sekali dorang batak ngan laki ni?" And SoodSameon pulak melayan the girls and he kept saying his name is SoodSameon and he is the king of twitter and he is loved by everyone. Okay now I hate him. Yes he is cute but I dont like his attitude. Did I tell you that he's a Malay guy that study pilot kat Australia? And he kept saying that he is mix Malay and Scottish. Dude, you dont have to tell us that you half scottish coz you were born in Malaysia and you grew up in Malaysia and your parents live in Malaysia and you even speak Malay with everyone. SoodSameon, I used to like you but not anymore. YOU SUCK!!

P/S - No offense okay :D

Thursday, May 5, 2011


OMG, I never knew that I have such crazy friends. It all happens in add math class at the chemistry lab. You know the lab, the same lab that I started to know iLi. And today I had a great time with two of my dearest friend, Faa and iLi! Who knew iLi has feelings for A****. And I never knew Faa is a player. She likes ***a, Z** and even our dearest ***! Now that is one true player. Oh and Faa talks a lot, iLi and I always ask her to stop talking but she kept on talking. Haha now I know that I have two crazy friends and knowing that I am the only one that 'waras'. LOL


So tadi one of my friends, Faa ajak me watch movie after spm. I think that is one good idea coz I'm gonna be really bored after spm. My parents tak bagi I keje coz they want me to enjoy my honeymoon before I masuk university or college. So I have to stay at home doing nothing. Alright, after spm I wil go out with Faa or anyone else. Wohoo, watch movies and go out. I hope I'll pass my driving test this year. Fuhh

PINKY is in the house

Pinky. I never thought that I will be called with the name, Pinky. Not ever, not in millions of years. But that is what my friends call me now. I have pink file which I have been carrying since the second day of school. It was not big of a deal at the time until my lovely bag koyak and my shaker rosak. So I went to Alamanda a.k.a my second house to buy the new one. My plan is to buy the same type of bag I used to have but different colour but I when I saw the bag I forget everything. The bag is so amazing and the fabrics are to die for. Unfortunately it only have two colours which is white and pink. I already had a white bag before so I took the pink! Then I went to MPH and I beli shaker baru. I dont know which colour I want and my sister told me to buy the pink so it matches with my pink bag. I was like no, but she said yes. I dont know why, but I beli the pink one. So I pegi sekolah and my friends call me pinky coz I have a pink bag, pink file and pink shaker. I'm such a pinky.

Friday, April 29, 2011


You see, I know iLi and I are very close. We're always together in class and act crazy.We memekak dalam kelas and Shina always mad at us. I get it if people said we both are equally annoying but when my Chinese Chemistry teacher said we look alike I was like WHAT? And iLi was like HUH? And both of us was like NO! Tak sama langsung. I mean come on, I'm obviously cuter (HAHA). Then Erin examine our face and she said that our eyes are kinda same. So we decide to just let it go until Shina said the word. TWIN!! I dont know what she meant by twin, maybe its because of our craziness and our annoying-ness or we do look alike. So I want to clear things up, iLi and I, we're just friends and we're not twins or sibs.

I'm not going to EAT you!

'Diana, janganla pandang kita macam tu. Seram lah' that is what iLi said to me. I didnt take her word seriously at the time. Then another friend of mine, Sya said 'Ko pehal Dee, pandang macam nak makan orang jek'. I was like, what the heck. My eyes are not that scary guys. Don't be afraid, I'm not gonna eat you or kill you. And I don't want to scares anyone, so please don't be afraid. If you are scared of my looks then don't look me in the eyes. Look somewhere else when you are talking to me. Let me clear things up, my eyes are not scary. I'm not a scary person, I'm a really nice girl with crazy attitude. I make people laugh eventhough sometimes it was entirely unintentional. Long story short, I dont have scary eyes but if I do and it scares you then I'm sorry.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Tweet?

I did it. I manage to control myself from tweeting while in class. Oh God, it was hard. While I'm learning, my phone vibrate indicates that someone is tweeting me. I want to read it by I try not to. Why? Well, its because I'm in class and I don't want to waste my time tweeting. But now, tweeting is not the problem anymore. The problem is my tuition classmate hate me and they don't want sit near me. Jeles of my iPhone la tuu. Oh if anyone want to search for my tweet, just search for dolimole.
*And someone didn't reply my tweet, sombong.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Specky specky specky, where do I begin. When I first saw her, I never thought that we'll be this close. I admit, the first time I saw her I said to myself 'who is this girl, what is she doing here'. She looks kinda arrogant so I ignore her. Then, I saw her talking to Umu and she keep on following us and she sat right next to me in Physics lab. She kept on asking me question and I answer her nak tak nak jek. For some reason we get closer, and we start to talk with each other. We make jokes about 'pemeluh'. Haha and we're getting closer during kelas tambahan +mt. We talk about Umu failed on her riding test and I'm joking about surat sekolah. She laugh at my jokes and said she sakit pipi for laughing so hard. That is the time when we becoming a really good friend. Now she got my annoying virus and I'm proud that she is becoming more like me. Our favorite word is 'not nice'. I don't think people understand this word but us,the word is kinda funny for us. She is annoying to me sometimes but I like it that way. If not, I don't think we will be friend like we are now. Go specky or should I call you buddy :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tweet Tweet

I had a twitter ever since 2009 and I'm not an active twitter user. But I don't know why but a few days ago, I decided that I want to give it another try. So I downloaded twitter apps and I tried. Lemme tell you, it was fun. Yeah, F.U.N spells fun. I like it coz its easy and I can update whatever I want whenever I want. I tweeted lot of stuffs and I tweet my sister eventhough she was sitting next to me. But I think twitter give me bad influence coz now I can't concentrate in my tuition class coz all I wanna do is tweeting. And I tweeted, while I'm in class, while the teacher is in the class, while all the students are paying attention to the teacher. I feel bad coz I'm not a bad girl. So I'm gonna keep my phone in my bag in silent mode so that I'm not tweeting in class. Maybe twitter isn't a bad influence, maybe I just obsessed with it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I used to have long hair when I was a kid. And it was horrible I tell you. So I cut my hair short and it was awesome. Ever since that, I always cut my hair short and do whatever style I wanted to. I can do whatever I want with my hair, I don't even comb it sometimes and I had Bieber hair once before. Now, I have decided to keep my hair long and try to live with it for maybe 3  months. If its beautiful and I got many positive feedback, I will keep it for a while. And now, I'm on my way of keeping my hair. But, one side of my hair is longer than the other side coz' the last style I did is I shaved half of my head. It looks good actually now that they are getting longer. I can't wait to see how I'm gonna look like if my hair is long. I think its gonna be UGLY :|

Friday, April 1, 2011

Anje Part II

I am so happy now coz' finally my parents got to spread their bussiness. They finally decide to open our second branch of restaurant in Pelangi Semenyih. Its a great place and I'm hopping we'll be success there.The working progress is done in just one month and the branch will be starting on April 6. And the operating hours are also changed. We will open until night and there will be special menu at night :D

You just got Punk'd

I planned to punk'd someone on April fool and I have come out with brilliant plan. I don't know why but I feel like I want to prank iLi. You see, my plan is to pretend that I'm a customer service and call her and told her that she got two ticket for Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never because I know that she is not fan JB. I want to tell her that if she refuse the ticket, than Maxis will block her number. But I didn't do that. All I did is I stole Teha's and iLi's pencil case and pretend like I'm innocent. And they didn't even knew it was all my doing. HAHA I'm good at this, maybe I should do this more often. But now, I have to be careful coz' maybe they'll punk'd me back.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm such a fool

Today, when I got home I got a big news. Its about one of my cat. Today is two of my cats' birthday and I want to celebrate it by spending my time with them. But I got news saying that one of them is dead. I felt really terrible coz I don't spend much time with him and now that he's dead I'm gonna miss him so much. Spy, I'm sorry coz I don't spend your last day with you and I love you so much boy. Seriously I am.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dream much

So I had a dream like almost a week ago. Its a weird plus horribly scary. In my dream, I had a text from my dearest friend, Shu. I can't remember what she texted me but of course I reply. Then we keep on texting and texting and here come the scary part. My Mama said to me that she don't want me to be friend with Shu anymore. I'm shocked and I ask her why. After all, Shu is a girl so there is nothing to worry about. Then Mama said, just because she's a girl, that doesn't mean you can text her all day long. And then she grabbed my phone and delete Shu's phone number. Then I wake up.

Shu, thank God its just a dream, coz' I can't imagine how my life would be if we're not friends.

Friday, March 25, 2011

So not into you

So I've met one guy in FB. Well, he's ex student of my school, it means he transferred to another school. After a few talk, I found that he is quite interesting. I mean I like him, he's cute and he's nice. So we exchange our phone number, to get to know each other better. And we text each other. At first it was good, but after one too many he's getting a little weird and it makes me feel uncomfortable. So I excuse myself. And later that night, he kept texting me saying that he want to text me. And I am so not in the mood and on the nexxt day he kept on asking me to text him and it really annoyed me. So I made up many reasons to not text him and finally I had enough and I don't even reply him. I used to like him, and now not anymore. Sorry dude, you annoy me much and please give me some space okay. I don't want to spend my entire time texting you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Baby :D

Oke I am so thrilled rite now, coz I got iPhone 4! I know rite? I'm shocked too u know. I still can't believe it. Maybe someone need to pinch me to wake me up for this beautiful dream. The phone is so awesome that makes me so happy that I wanna kill myself. Haha just kidding, I will no commit suicide coz I don't want to be far away from my little baby. My friends, they are happy for me eventhough I know someone is jelous. I know okay, so don't try to be nice to me coz I knew it all along that you hate me and now you hate me even more coz I got iPhone. Hah who cares if people hate me. All I know is that I have the most amazing phone on earth.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

F.U.N spells AWESOME!

I had a lot of fun today coz' while all of my friends are busy at school listn to answering technique, my siters and I went to Alamanda to watch BEASTLY. The movie is so awesome that I want to watch it over and over again. The guy in the movie is so hot, I mean like REAL HOT. Anyway, after that we went to my favorite restaurant, what is it? Burger King baby! HAHA that time is so fun coz' we saw a bunch of 'gedik' girls taking photos and acting so gedik that makes me wanna punch them in their face one by one and then kick their butt so hard that it'll leave a mark. Then we bought another two burger to take home, its for my parents okay! After we went home and while we're on our way, we listened to Glee CD and sing it out loud. My sisters and I had a lot of fun and for those who are not joining us, you can kiss my arse coz' its yor loss sweetie.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shhh, listen to this

You know what, today I realizes that I'm an audiotary person. It means I'm a good listener. When I think of that, I think its true coz' I always listen to my friend's problem and I kept it as secret if they told me that. Ever since I'm in form one, muaz always tell me about her love life and ask for my opinion and up until now I always try to help everyone by listening to them even some of them didn't realize it I guess. Ah who cares, all I know is I'm a good girl and obviously a good listener, if you don't trust me to keep your secret than its fine by me

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crappy Talk Two

I always wonder what people think about me. Do they look at me as an ugly girl or cute girl? Do they look at me as a good girl or as an annoying person. Annoying? I get that a lot you know, from everyone around me. Do they mean it or its just a joke. Anyway I always thought its just a joke until a few years ago, someone tell me that I annoyed him much and I don't know why, but it hurts to hear that. Hearing him said the word is just different, I feel embarrasse and a little hurt. I moved on but sometimes when I think of it, it makes me hate him so much. But still, he's a friend of mine until now. I wonder if he ever think of me as a good friend. Well I helped him a lot and listen to his problem and try to help him get through some of his tough time but is it good enough to satisfy him? Even when he treated me coldly, I still try to cheer him up and whenever he say something that hurt my feeling, I try to not stay mad at him coz he is after all the only friend that understands me (sometimes). HEH enough of this crappy talk. BTW we're just friends, nothing more or less. He's taken.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Yours is too Small"

Ever since I'm in the first year of high school, I always got negative comment from my friends. They always said that what I have is too small that they can't even see it sometimes. When they said that, I tell them that this is the biggest that I can do. And they'll always shook their head when I said that, like they were saying 'Poor thing'. I'm agree with them sometimes that mine is too small, but I think its kinda cute. Hold up everybody! Do you even know what I'm talking about? Its my handwriting okay, don't think of anything else ;D

Cute little Devil

I have a friend who kept telling me that that I have evil laugh. I wan't quite believe her at first but when I ask another friend of mine, she said the same thing. I admit, maybe it sounded like an evil laugh but I think its a cute evil laugh. When they heard me laughing, they'll laugh back at me. But there are some people who take my laugh too serious and they said I'm evil. Lemme tell you guys, sometimes I'm quite a bully. But not that kind of bully, its just to make them laugh you know after all the stress. But I'm not evil. And if I am, I maybe the cutest devil yet.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where are you Sweetie?

I am so pissed right now coz ever since October last year, I haven't found the next sequel of Hush Hush. The second book is called Crescendo. Sounds awesome and I want it so badly. I've been searching MPH Alamanda and its not there. Then I search at Popular JJ which is where I bought Hush Hush and its not there either. Uwaaa I want Crescendo!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crappy Talk

From all the books I've read, I notice one thing. That our life, I mean our real life will never be the same as it is in books. You see, in books everything seems exciting which makes us wish that we are the character in the book. Typical story, a hot girl meeting a hot guy and found that they have chemistry with each other and fell in love. So sweet, but in real life thats not how the story goes. We find that its hard to find the perfect guy and life goes up and down. There are good days or bad and even boring. But we can't blame the authors for writing a good story coz' its their job to take us to the world of fantasy. So now I'm gonna stop talking coz' I'm just talking crap and nonsense.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lemme think,

Its only February and my friends already asked me about my plan after SPM. They said they want to have a job or sumthin'. Actually I already come out with one plan, that is to stay at home and getting fat. My parents, they don't want me to have any job because they think I'm too young to have a job. I agree with them you know, coz even if I want to work where would it be and what would I do right? So my plan after SPM is to stay at home and talk to my cats and maybe learn how to cook. Maybe I will try to improve my advertising skill or take a vocal lesson or even take a dance class :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Suprise :D

I am so happy today. I took my last paper this morning. I'm not feeling good bot it coz its Chemistry, I hate it. Anyway, tomorrow is my girl's birthday, so today I gave her a special birthday card. I hope she liked it. If she's happy with it, I'm HAPPY!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So recently, my sisters and I found a new video at youtube. Its just about this guy who makes fun about everything. And his hair is kinda awesome. His name is Shane. I love his videos especially Ask Shane on Monday. So now, it is my new routine to watch his video every week and lemme tell u guys, he is awesome. He's funny and crazy, what else can I say. Anyway, I just want to say I heart ShaneDawson

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a huge relief

So few weeks ago, I give a ride home to my friend. Later that week, we got information saying that she is positive H1N1. So I'm freaking out and I told my Dad about it. I think we should took a test just to be safe. So my Dad said, "No lah, we'll be just fine". Now my little sister is sick and only now my Dad want to took a test for her. Thank God that she is negative. Its just a normal cold. I never felt this relief in my entire life you know. Fuhhh

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another cat, WHAT?

When my mum said she wanted a cat, I'm shocked because we already have like 16 cats. I don't take her word seriously but she's serious bout that. Yesterday, she went to every pet store in town and look for a cat. Her heart melt like butter when she saw two British Shorthair kitten at one of the store. At home, she told us bout the cats and later that night she brought us there and guess what? She bought them! OMG, they are so cute and I love them so much. We named them Teddy and Pretty <3