Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second Random Question

Again, iLi asks me a random question that bothers me. This time she asked me this, "Diana, do you feel glad that you know me? Do you feel glad that I moved here?" Well I didnt answer her, instead I ask her this, "How do you feel? Are you glad that you moved here?" And she said yes, cause if she's not then she would never met me, and the other friends. What bothers me with that question is that if I never met her then I will experience the same bored routine like I used to. I admit, I had a very good time this year coz I met two new friends, Faa and iLi. I had lots of fun this year since I met them. So I feel glad that I get the chance of meeting them :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Question

Yesterday during English class iLi asks me one simple question. She said, "What would you do, if I'm not here and we never even met or knew each other?" And I just said that I probably gonna do my work and talk to Zoo like we used to do when iLi wasnt here. But the thing is, something about the question bothers me much. I realize that I have such a great friend that is iLi and ever since I met her, I had such a good time in class. I cant imagine myself without her sitting next to me in English class or lab. Funny how a simple random question could change my perspective to her and my other friends.

PS// The reason why I wrote about iLi more than my other friends is because she's the one who asked me the question. So no jeles-jeles or touching-touching eh :)

I miss You

My class teacher has rearranged our class seats. And where do I seat now? I'm at the front row and the best part is its right in front of teacher's desk. Why? Its because I got no. 7 in class on my mid term. Dont get me wrong, I like being in the top ten but the thing is I dont like to seat in front. I am so far away from my usual friends back there. I no longer seat next to Tia, Faa is way back there coz' she's absent from mid term and iLi also at the back. My new partner is now Zahra, she is fine and I'm cool with it. We talked a lot and we got bored during Sejarah period. The problem is, I miss my friends. I cannot believe I said this, but I miss iLi. I miss Faa. I miss Tia. I miss talking to them and just chilling at the back. NVM, I still got the chance meeting iLi and Faa at the lab and English class :D

Frickin' SWATCH

My bro gave me a birthday gift. Its a little late but at least he gave me something. He gave me a wrap gift and he told me its a pencilbox. And I believe him. So I open the wrap and its not a pencilbox. Its actually a watch. Not just a watch, its a SWATCH! I am so frickin' happy, I loved it so much. However, I'm not gonna wear it, I only wear it when I'm going out for fun. I will wear t on the premiere of Harry Potter :D Thanks Amad, I love you.