Sunday, March 4, 2012


Won't be posting anything anytime soon. Not because I'm busy or whatever, I'm just too lazy to post anything. Thinking of deleting this blog but I love this blog so much. Maybe I'll delete it soon, but not now. Goodbye :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haters and Mango

So few days ago, there's one guy named Hafiz Irfan became a new trending topic in twitter. People claimed that he looks like Zayn Malik. And so I tweeted that his english sucks. What can I say, his english sucks big time. He said to his girlfriend, 'You is the girls I loved'. And people kept saying that he and his girlfriend are the sweetest couple ever. He promised to marry her someday. And so I said that they are young and stupid. There are things in life that are more important than that and life is hard. They are too young to have a relationship and talked about marriage, that is all I said. And BOOM! I got tons of reply from the couple's fanatics mad at me for saying that. And they claimed that I'm a loner and have no life. They said that I shouldn't said that about that stupid Hafiz and his ugly girlfriend because I'm wearing hijab. I didn't know that there are rules saying, a girl with Hijab on should tweet something good and girl with no hijab should tweet something bad. The last time I checked, girls with no hijab hate to be claimed bad. And now, all of the sudden they said I broke the rules. Stupid people!! Some of them are really mean, one of them called me 'Anjing'. Some of them called me,'Babi' and some of them said I should mind my own bussiness.Go to hell with all of that, you said I should mind my own bussiness but lemme tell you something, it is you that should stay away from my tweets and mind your own bussiness. It it my twitter, I can tweet whatever I want, whenever I want. And what made them more pissed, I didn't reply their tweets. And then, my classmate that I hate the most tweet something that she meant for me. I call her Mango because of her face shaped like a mango. In my previous previous previous post, I refer he as Senah. She said that I like to pick up a fight and she said I'm an attention seeker. So I tweeted about Mango and it hit her. Hey stupid fat Mango, I don't like you. But I don't want to pick up a fight with you anymore, because I promised to iLi I won't do that. And it's just a waste of time arguing with a stupid girl. No wonder your boyfriend left you for another girl. HAHA

PS// I'm a nice girl, but I can be bad sometimes.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Study Plans

SPM results almost came out like in two months. My father already asked me what course I want to take in University or College. And I have decided, since I have interests in Biology, I want to take courses that are related to it. Or anything connects with animals, because I love animals. I feel like I'm interested in taking Zoology. And there are four University in Malaysia that offers the course; one in UPM Sarawak, one in Sabah, one in USM Penang and one in UKM. Perfect!! UKM is close to my house, just perfect! And I won't mind if I have to go to Sarawak or Sabah either, because I've always wanted to go there. Plus, there are lots of interesting animals there. And I want to apply English course like my sister, as a back up course. Bottom line is, I know what I want and I'm ready to further my study.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cute Couple

Few weeks ago, my sisters and I went to Alamanda to watch a movie, MI4. We bought the tickets early, so we got a sweet spot. Before we enter the cinema, we bought pop corns and waters for us to drink. And in front of us, I saw a very cute couple. They are cute because they are the elders. They bought their pop corns together, and entered the cinema together. I think they are sweet because, even though they are old they still go for a date together and be romantic with each other. But, I'm a little bit jealous of them as well. Jealous, because I don't have a sweet boyfriend like the old man. I hope someday when I'm old and still be able to walk and healthy, I will spend my time with my husband (I hope I get married someday) like them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Amalina is a new topic that almost all Malaysians talked about right now. Amalina is a girl that scored 17 A1 in her SPM. She was sent to overseas for further study and she was a role model for every students. But now, people don't talked about her SPM results anymore, they talked about her personality and appearance. A picture of her not wearing hijab was spread all over internet and people assumed that she's experience culture shocked there. They said, she turned into a bad girl now and they said bad things about her. What they didn't know is that, even before she was sent to further study she was already 'free-hair'. They just assumed that she take off her hijab when she was there. Recently, Amalina recorded a video. In her video she said that, if we want to give her advice, tell her in a good way instead of mocking her and said bad things about her. And I agree with her. If we want her to change or be a better Muslim, then we should talk to her in a good way. By the way, I'm  in Team Amalina. Hehe

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ghost Town

I haven't posted anything for quite a while, I've been busy. Nah I'm just kidding. I wasn't busy doing anything, I was just being lazy. It's because, no one is reading my blog  except for my sister and me. And I don't think anyone is reading this post either. My blog is a ghost town no matter what I do. I changed my picture, my name and even post about everything. Maybe it's because of my blog is in black. I don't like to add background because I'm gonna have to change it regularly and because I like to keep it simple. That is all I guess.