Monday, October 3, 2011

I pass :)

I passed my driving test That means, I can drive now. HAHA the problem is I dont have a car. NVM coz' I can use my sister's car. I want a BMW Mini Cooper but I know that it is expensive so maybe I'll own it someday in the future. I'm just happy that I passed my test.

Trial Story II

Here is my another trial story. On the last week, I only have to sit for three subjects that is Biology, Chemistry and English for Science and Technology (EST). Okay as usual, it was hard. I know I cant finish reading the whole bio reference book in one day, so I read my little short note book. So I save the time. Instead of reading 500+ page, I only read less than 100 page. Same thing goes to chemistry eventhough the book is not so complete as biology. Can I answer the questions? Emm not so much but I've tried my best. As for EST, we dont even have to read, I mean EST covers for Bio, Physics and Chemistry. I dont know what question will come out. It could be in Bio field, or physics or chemistry. You just have to be strong and hoping that its gonna be okay. The EST report is about Microbes so its simply in Bio field. How am I doing? Well for the first time I got to finish answering like 5 minutes before the paper ends. Usually I dont get to finish it. And I have to sit for Physics on the next week. Yeah, kinda late. Emm same thing with bio and chemist, I read the short notes. So far paper 1 was a disaster. Paper 2 was better.