Monday, August 15, 2011

I cant roll my tongue

So when I study Bio chapter Inheritance and Variation, I learned that we have dominant and recessive traits. Teacher asks all of us to roll our tongue and it turns out that I cant roll my tongue. It is something that we can learn because its in our genes. So I have recessive traits, so what?! My friends that can roll their tongue are showing off in front of me. I feel like cutting their tongue whenever they did that. Thank God I still have humanity deep inside my my heart, so I didnt cut their tongue. Well not yet, if they keep on rolling their tongue in front of me I will cut it.
Damn it, even this baby can roll his/her tongue!

Stupid SoodSameon!

So I know I have unfollowed this guy from twitter long time ago. But I kept seeing his picture everytime when people are retweeting him. I hate him! He is so fuckin' arrogant and he thinks he's cute. He thinks that he is better than everyone else coz he live in Australia. Weh Sood! You are a Malaysian, so dont mock us malaysian. So ingatla siket, asek ckp mak kau org Scottish. Tu mak kau! Kau lahir kat Malaysia, raise in Malaysia and you speak Malay as well. You are like a 'nut forgetting its own skin'

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I have a new baby sister :DD

As stated in the title, I have a new baby sister. Well not a biological sister but still, she is my sister. My parents are adopting this girl ever since she was in her mother's belly. We didnt know whether its gonna be a boy or a girl but we already figure out a few names. If its a boy then we're gonna named him Ilham. And we got few suggestion for the girl name. At first, Mama suggested Aliana, then I suggested Balqis. But then when we saw Harry Potter movie there was a girl named Ariana in the movie. And my sister and I suggested Ariana because we love HP and we got the name from HP and it turns out to be it has meaning. It means 'Full of Life'. Then when the baby comes out (6/8) its a girl. Mama suggest the name Nurul Iman. And after my sister and I have a talk we decided to named her, Nur Iman Ariana. She was beautiful and I still cant believe that I have another sister. She was so lovely and adorable, I hope that she will see me as a cool loving caring sister even though I'm 17 years older than her.

PS// to all of my friends, I'm sorry that I never told you guys about my family adopting a baby. We wanted to wait until the baby is here.

Pottermore :D

All of my friends know that I am a big potterhead. In case some of you dont know, potterhead is a term that describe a Harry Potter fan. As a potterhead, I know that there is a website that was just launched and it is called POTTERMORE. The website will be open for all on October 2011 but they have early registration that last for only a week. For those who registering in that one week can open the website and see it first. And for those who are unfortnate, they can see the website when it is fully launch. My sisters and I already in the pottermore and we can see it first. NYAAAH!

PS// my username will be GobletGhost200 :D