Sunday, March 4, 2012


Won't be posting anything anytime soon. Not because I'm busy or whatever, I'm just too lazy to post anything. Thinking of deleting this blog but I love this blog so much. Maybe I'll delete it soon, but not now. Goodbye :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haters and Mango

So few days ago, there's one guy named Hafiz Irfan became a new trending topic in twitter. People claimed that he looks like Zayn Malik. And so I tweeted that his english sucks. What can I say, his english sucks big time. He said to his girlfriend, 'You is the girls I loved'. And people kept saying that he and his girlfriend are the sweetest couple ever. He promised to marry her someday. And so I said that they are young and stupid. There are things in life that are more important than that and life is hard. They are too young to have a relationship and talked about marriage, that is all I said. And BOOM! I got tons of reply from the couple's fanatics mad at me for saying that. And they claimed that I'm a loner and have no life. They said that I shouldn't said that about that stupid Hafiz and his ugly girlfriend because I'm wearing hijab. I didn't know that there are rules saying, a girl with Hijab on should tweet something good and girl with no hijab should tweet something bad. The last time I checked, girls with no hijab hate to be claimed bad. And now, all of the sudden they said I broke the rules. Stupid people!! Some of them are really mean, one of them called me 'Anjing'. Some of them called me,'Babi' and some of them said I should mind my own bussiness.Go to hell with all of that, you said I should mind my own bussiness but lemme tell you something, it is you that should stay away from my tweets and mind your own bussiness. It it my twitter, I can tweet whatever I want, whenever I want. And what made them more pissed, I didn't reply their tweets. And then, my classmate that I hate the most tweet something that she meant for me. I call her Mango because of her face shaped like a mango. In my previous previous previous post, I refer he as Senah. She said that I like to pick up a fight and she said I'm an attention seeker. So I tweeted about Mango and it hit her. Hey stupid fat Mango, I don't like you. But I don't want to pick up a fight with you anymore, because I promised to iLi I won't do that. And it's just a waste of time arguing with a stupid girl. No wonder your boyfriend left you for another girl. HAHA

PS// I'm a nice girl, but I can be bad sometimes.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Study Plans

SPM results almost came out like in two months. My father already asked me what course I want to take in University or College. And I have decided, since I have interests in Biology, I want to take courses that are related to it. Or anything connects with animals, because I love animals. I feel like I'm interested in taking Zoology. And there are four University in Malaysia that offers the course; one in UPM Sarawak, one in Sabah, one in USM Penang and one in UKM. Perfect!! UKM is close to my house, just perfect! And I won't mind if I have to go to Sarawak or Sabah either, because I've always wanted to go there. Plus, there are lots of interesting animals there. And I want to apply English course like my sister, as a back up course. Bottom line is, I know what I want and I'm ready to further my study.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cute Couple

Few weeks ago, my sisters and I went to Alamanda to watch a movie, MI4. We bought the tickets early, so we got a sweet spot. Before we enter the cinema, we bought pop corns and waters for us to drink. And in front of us, I saw a very cute couple. They are cute because they are the elders. They bought their pop corns together, and entered the cinema together. I think they are sweet because, even though they are old they still go for a date together and be romantic with each other. But, I'm a little bit jealous of them as well. Jealous, because I don't have a sweet boyfriend like the old man. I hope someday when I'm old and still be able to walk and healthy, I will spend my time with my husband (I hope I get married someday) like them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Amalina is a new topic that almost all Malaysians talked about right now. Amalina is a girl that scored 17 A1 in her SPM. She was sent to overseas for further study and she was a role model for every students. But now, people don't talked about her SPM results anymore, they talked about her personality and appearance. A picture of her not wearing hijab was spread all over internet and people assumed that she's experience culture shocked there. They said, she turned into a bad girl now and they said bad things about her. What they didn't know is that, even before she was sent to further study she was already 'free-hair'. They just assumed that she take off her hijab when she was there. Recently, Amalina recorded a video. In her video she said that, if we want to give her advice, tell her in a good way instead of mocking her and said bad things about her. And I agree with her. If we want her to change or be a better Muslim, then we should talk to her in a good way. By the way, I'm  in Team Amalina. Hehe

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ghost Town

I haven't posted anything for quite a while, I've been busy. Nah I'm just kidding. I wasn't busy doing anything, I was just being lazy. It's because, no one is reading my blog  except for my sister and me. And I don't think anyone is reading this post either. My blog is a ghost town no matter what I do. I changed my picture, my name and even post about everything. Maybe it's because of my blog is in black. I don't like to add background because I'm gonna have to change it regularly and because I like to keep it simple. That is all I guess.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who I Am

First of all, I know that this post will offense some people but I'm gonna write it anyway.

I believe that people nowadays judge other people very easily. When people made a mistake, they said that the person is an ass. When people commit a sin, they call them 'Murtad'. Some said that 'Couple itu Haram'. For me, it is not haram if you do it in a right way like not holding hands or be at somewhere with just the two of you. Another thing is about wishing Christmas. People said that it is haram to say the words but for me, I believe that it wasn't. Islam is all about respect. We have to respect everyone else including other religions. And I personally think that wishing Merry Christmas is not wrong, we have to respect other religions like some of them respect ours. If we can't wish Merry Christmas because it was like we are approving their religion, then we should not wish Happy Deepavali or Happy Chinese New Year or whatever. And they don't have to wish ours either. We should all live in a cave and be racists. My dad said, if our 'iman' are strong and we believe in Allah SWT, then wishing Merry Christmas is not wrong. Just because I said bad stuff like most of the time, that doesn't mean I don't pray to Allah.

This is just my opinion and who I am, if you are disagree with it then it's fine. Everybody have their own opinion.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I see...

I like to observe people and what they do, it's just my thing you know. On this holiday, I've seen many things. Number one, I see lots of my friends or aquaintance talk about driving license. So many drama, I tell you. Okay so first week after SPM, I saw they talked about attending KPP whish was 5 hours long. Some asked for my advice because I already have a driving license :D My only advice for them is to bring their ipod or phone because it is boring as hell. Then this week, I saw people talked about computer test and another driving course for six hours. I knew that if they want to sit for computer test, they have to come very very early because this is holiday season, it's going to be packed with people. When I sat for the test before, I don't even have to wait. I walked in, and answer it directly then I left the place. The second thing I see, is that most of my friend re-create or create a blog. One of my friend create a new blog just now and one of my friend re-create her blog. It's great, because now I can read their blog and they can read mine (I hope they'll read). Next thing I see, most of my FB and Twitter friends change their status from single to in a relationship and some from in a relationship to it's complicated and finally back to single and some from married to single. Me? I haven't change my status (I'm not a loner). I also learnt that, most of my followings on twitter are bunch of kids. They are age between 13 to 16. And all 15 kids, are scared of their results tomorrow. The last thing I learnt is that, you don't have to be smart or cool to become a twitfamous. Recently, there's one girl named Tengku Sophia become a trending topic worldwide because she insulted Islam. And there's one guy who just deactivate his twitter account and he also become a TTWW. And lastly, there's one gy named Apit that become a TTWW in just one day because of his stupid tweet. He tweeted like this, 'Apit c0weY apit tak daPatz puAskAn aty 0rang rAmAi' and even stupid Bieber tweet about him. I learnt that, Malaysians are great topic trenders because in just one week, we trended few people. So that is all I see, so far.