Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who I Am

First of all, I know that this post will offense some people but I'm gonna write it anyway.

I believe that people nowadays judge other people very easily. When people made a mistake, they said that the person is an ass. When people commit a sin, they call them 'Murtad'. Some said that 'Couple itu Haram'. For me, it is not haram if you do it in a right way like not holding hands or be at somewhere with just the two of you. Another thing is about wishing Christmas. People said that it is haram to say the words but for me, I believe that it wasn't. Islam is all about respect. We have to respect everyone else including other religions. And I personally think that wishing Merry Christmas is not wrong, we have to respect other religions like some of them respect ours. If we can't wish Merry Christmas because it was like we are approving their religion, then we should not wish Happy Deepavali or Happy Chinese New Year or whatever. And they don't have to wish ours either. We should all live in a cave and be racists. My dad said, if our 'iman' are strong and we believe in Allah SWT, then wishing Merry Christmas is not wrong. Just because I said bad stuff like most of the time, that doesn't mean I don't pray to Allah.

This is just my opinion and who I am, if you are disagree with it then it's fine. Everybody have their own opinion.

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