Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ANTM 15 who?

This is it guys, the last episode of America's Next Top Model 15. The two final contestants are awkward tall Ann Ward and gap teeth blondie Chelsey Hersley. Both looks stunning with unique personality. Both produces nice photo. The judges will have some hard time to decide which one will be America's Next Top Model.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Watchmen totally SUCKS

So, a few days ago I watched a very stupid and the most horrible movie I ever watch my entire life. The name of the movie is Watchmen. I never watch the movie before and when I finally got to watch the movie, I was thrilled at first. But when it got to it middle part, I'm lost. I don't understand the movie at all. Yeah you heard me, I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE MOVIE AT ALL! I only understand at the beginning of the movie, that someone is going to kill all the superhero and one of them already dead. But then the movie got twisted and I'm totally lost. I know I should turn off the movie but I don't know why I kept watching it. From what I've heard, the movie is about human nature, nuclear war (what the hell), and cancer (HUH??) and there is one guy who can teleport. I don't care if you can teleport but no one ever teleported themselves to planet MARS. How can you breathe up there? What are you even doing up there? And the worst part is the ending. All the heroes are about to stop the villain but then they stop. They didn't catch the villain even there's a chance. They let the villain go and they live like a normal human. I was like, what the hell, shouldn't the heroes save the world from danger? Long story short, the movie was a DISASTER.