Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I see...

I like to observe people and what they do, it's just my thing you know. On this holiday, I've seen many things. Number one, I see lots of my friends or aquaintance talk about driving license. So many drama, I tell you. Okay so first week after SPM, I saw they talked about attending KPP whish was 5 hours long. Some asked for my advice because I already have a driving license :D My only advice for them is to bring their ipod or phone because it is boring as hell. Then this week, I saw people talked about computer test and another driving course for six hours. I knew that if they want to sit for computer test, they have to come very very early because this is holiday season, it's going to be packed with people. When I sat for the test before, I don't even have to wait. I walked in, and answer it directly then I left the place. The second thing I see, is that most of my friend re-create or create a blog. One of my friend create a new blog just now and one of my friend re-create her blog. It's great, because now I can read their blog and they can read mine (I hope they'll read). Next thing I see, most of my FB and Twitter friends change their status from single to in a relationship and some from in a relationship to it's complicated and finally back to single and some from married to single. Me? I haven't change my status (I'm not a loner). I also learnt that, most of my followings on twitter are bunch of kids. They are age between 13 to 16. And all 15 kids, are scared of their results tomorrow. The last thing I learnt is that, you don't have to be smart or cool to become a twitfamous. Recently, there's one girl named Tengku Sophia become a trending topic worldwide because she insulted Islam. And there's one guy who just deactivate his twitter account and he also become a TTWW. And lastly, there's one gy named Apit that become a TTWW in just one day because of his stupid tweet. He tweeted like this, 'Apit c0weY apit tak daPatz puAskAn aty 0rang rAmAi' and even stupid Bieber tweet about him. I learnt that, Malaysians are great topic trenders because in just one week, we trended few people. So that is all I see, so far.

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