Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Underworld is a game that I bought for over a year ago. I bought it because I thought the game would be adventurous and fun, besides Lara Croft is a beautiful girl. But it turns out to be I was wrong, the game wasn't adventurous, it was brutally adventurous and I have no clue how to solve the missions. I stucked on the first level inside the ocean and there are jaws every where. Well not every where, but there are two. They chased you know, and we have to kill them. Anyway, since I stucked on the first mission, I stopped playng it. But now that I'm on my long holiday, I don't know what should I do so my sisters and I decided that we want to try the game once again with a little help of YouTube. We managed to accomplished level after level, and now we are in Level four or five I can't remember. Each levels are different and really really hard. Sometimes we even have to fight with tigers, puma, big spiders, mummies and giant octopus, damn it hard. And we have to climb up walls and poles and swing from one building to another. Somehow, the game freaked me out a little bit, espescially when I have to swim. Tomb Raider is about history and artifacts, so I'm learning as well. The game is not over yet, I have to complete few more level than I'm out.

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