Friday, September 16, 2011

My house is open

I kept asking my mum whether we are going to have open house or not and she kept saying I dont know. She said, maybe she's going to plan a BBQ party with only my friends, my sis' friends and my bro's. But then she said, we are going to have a small gathering with only our friends and no neighbours. Mama said dont invite too many people, coz its just a small feast. So I invited Umu, Erin, Faa, iLi, Alya and the gedik's and Shu. Erin and Alya and the gedik's cant come. The first guest ever is my friend, Shu and her sister. Poor kid, Shu macam tak layan jek. Then iLi and Faa arrived followed by Umu. All of them wanted to play with Iman and they seems like they dont want to let her go. Even when I told them to eat, Faa refused coz she wanted to stay with Iman. Shu got the chance to see her long lost siter, Aisa. HAHA not a sister, but they looked the same. Aisa is my bro's beautiful gf. Then after they eat, they play with Iman some more. We snap lots of picture on my phone and camera. Shu got the chance to feed Iman herself, iLi macam jealous jek. I must say, they got the 'ciri2 keibuan'. Then Shu left, followed by iLi, Faa and Umu. But Mama want to give them sate so they have to wait. Then they got so demanding, they wanted chicken. OMG they got three chicken each. I dont mind at all lah. iLi got so nice all of sudden, she gave Iman money. I was like whaaaaa, dia tak pernah bagi I duit pun tetibe Iman dapat. Jealous meh. Anyway, I had lots of fun and yes it was tiring.

PS// I'm sorry I cant invite the others :(

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trial story

The first day of trial was BM and I think it went well. I dont think it was my best but I think I'll pass. On the next day I have BI and I think I can do better than that. I went blank on the essay part and I feel like I let myself down. Next is mathematics and I must say I'm pretty happy with my effort but again, I know I can do better. There are few question that I 'pakai tembak'. And on the next day is History, my favourite subject! I'm pretty nervous coz I have to read a lot. Then I search on my twitter, and I got 'soalan bocor' for paper two. My source is different from other people and the question are different as well but it turns out to be that mine is the right one. On the next week, I have Agama paper and I feel good about it coz again, I got soalan bocor! But it was pretty easy. And on the next day is my least favourite subject of all time, Additional Mathematics. Paper one was quite okay but paper two was damn hard. I feel like killing someone when I saw the questions. I dont think I'm gonna pass addmath but I've tried my best. So I have another week, and its gonna be Science topics. Wish me luck.


Emm Raya raya raya. I'm not much of a raya person coz its too crowded. The whole family will gather in one house and talk about their lives bla bla. The only thing I like during raya is the food, there are ketupat, rendang, lodeh, ayam merah and sometimes nasi beriani. Usually my family will gather at Segamat with my father's side but this year we celebrate raya in JB with my mum's family. Its a little bit awkward at first but I had a pretty good time. My mum's side, they are loud. They talk a lot espescially Kak Rai my cousin, she keep on talking and I'm tired by just watching and listened to her. Then we went to Segamat, but it was just a short visit then we went straight to Bangi. Never in my entire life, I celebrate the third day of raya in my place and went for a movie. I didnt count my duit raya yet, I just put them in my purse and left it somewhere in my room. The best part is, I have trial on the next week of raya.

PS// I'm not gonna upload my raya picture coz I dont take a lot picture this Raya.


Have any of you heard this, 'Atas rumah bersilat, turun ke tanah kena tampar'? I just heard when I'm in bilik simulasi BM. I laughed when I read it and I was trying to figure what does it means. So I asked Pn Hasnah aka my BM teacher, she said it is not a peribahasa. It is a reminder or a warning. It means, ones have to show our manners and be polite. Such a funnh line, I wonder how do they come out with this line on the first place.