Sunday, October 31, 2010


So today at school, we got a new classmate. It’s a girl, so you know how the boys react. They acted like they never met a girl before, but I don’t blame them coz the girl is cute. Well not as cute as I am but she’s cute. All the girls acting really “gedik” coz they got a new friend. Me? I acted normal coz you know, “I’m cool”. HAHA. Anyway, the new girl, she sat next to me. At first its kinda weird talking to stranger but then we got along really well. She talked about her life and why she moved here and blablabla. The best part is, when teacher aren’t coming to our class, she stay with me. Shocking isn’t it? I thought she’s gonna leave me behind my desk and join the other girls. On recess, we eat together at canteen and making jokes. I feel like she’s the one. She’s the girl that I’ve been wishing for to become my best friend. Finally, I got what I wish for.

Just so you know, everything that I told earlier is BULLSHIT!! There is no such thing as new classmate. I still haven’t got a friend that talk to me when I’m bored. Sorry I lied.

Friday, October 29, 2010

What I want?

I love my life but I’m getting bored with my daily routine. I feel like I want to do something new. I want to try stuff that I never got to do. I always want to do bungee jumping. I always watch people do bungee jumping and it looks like fun. I want to travel all over the world and learn new culture. If I can, I want to break a world record. I want to go to Germany and search for a hot guy. I want to be famous one day. I want to be a top model. I want to keep lion or tiger as my pet. I want invent a technology that can kill cockroach in just a second. Gosh, I hate cockroach! I want to stop global warming (go green!). I want to cure cancer or AIDS. I want to try skydiving. I would love to learn how to swim. I want to stop school examination because it wastes a lot of paper. And I want to do many other stuff!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friend or No Friend

Every day at school, the only thing that I kept thinking is I want to go home be with my family and pets. But every day I felt like the time pass very slowly like when we watch a slow motion movie. Sometimes when the lazy teachers didn't come into our class, I just love to sit at my place and watch my classmates having fun. When I looked at the girls, I can see them talking nonsense and I sometimes wish that they stop talking for a while. And when I looked at the boys, I can see them playing jokes with each other like everything doesn't really matter. Of course there are some nerds that sat on their table just study non-stop. And what did I do?

So when there is no teacher in our class, even my friend next to me move to other table and talk. They left me alone on my table doing nothing. No one talk to me except when they want to ask me about schoolwork. Other than that, no one wants to talk to me. I don't know why they're not talking to me. Am I ugly? Well, maybe I look a little ugly with hijab on my head. But other than that I think I'm cool. I don't talk a lot and I never hurt anybody's feelings. I help them in their study sometimes. I help them do the class presentation. I even smile at them whenever I walk beside them.

One more thing that I do when there are no teachers in my class is that I wish one day, a new student come to our class and sit next to me and be friend with me. A friend that talks to me when there is no teacher, a friend that helps me with my study. A friend that smiles at me she or he sees me. A friend that never leave me alone behind my desk. Why can't I have a friend like that? That is a friend who cares.