Wednesday, May 25, 2011


You came to me three weeks ago,
What we had isn’t special,
I hate you,
I curse you,
I wish you were never around,
I finally got my wish.

You are leaving me,
You promise to come back,
I wish you never said that,
Because you and I will never be together,
But who am I to stop you.

Next time you’re here,
I will be ready,
And I hope we’ll have a better relationship,
Farewell for now,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boo, tengok ni!

I log on to my myspace which I last open it emm maybe 1 or 2 years ago. I forgot my password, so after like millions of attempt, I finally did it. Its been so long and I feel like I dont even know MS anymore. So I look at my photos and I miss the old me. The fun and very good looking me. I used to very 'fotogenik' and my hair, they are amazing. After looking at my photos I found one amazing pic. Not the picture of me but it was someone I care about. No its not the acidman, this is my bestfriend. I lost the pic when I bought my iPhone and now the pic is back with me. I miss the pic, there are many gossips and rumour about this pic when I uploaded it before. Can you guess who is this?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


See I know this girl, I cant tell you the real name here so I'm gonna change her name to Senah. I know her since last year I think. So I'm not close with this Senah girl, I mean she's not the type that I'd like to call friend. But I dont hate her, at least until today. She make me pissed that I feel like I want to hit her with my book and throw stick at her like Sue Sylvester does to Mercedes Jones in Glee. So anyway, she ask me to do something which is fine by me. But I dont like the way she ask me. She marah2 me and claiming that I'm not responsible. I was like WTF Senah, cant you ask me with proper manner? You see Senah, I maybe quiet but that doesnt mean you can be rude to me and expect me to let it go. In case you dont know me, I'm not nice when I'm mad. I will get you back, maybe not today or tomorrow but someday. You will look at me one day and you will be sorry for what you've done to me. Mark my word Senah.

Ps : I sounded evil kan? Wah garangnya :D Muahahahaha *cute evil laugh


I used to have long hair. I mean like, they are really long, sampai lutut bai. Everyone seems to love my hair but not me. I dont like it at all, I think the hair is too long and its hard for me to take care of it. So after few years of asking and begging my Mama to potong rambut, she finally agrees when I'm in form one. I only cut it for like a few inches only at first. Then after that, I asked Mama to cut it even shorter. So I went to saloon and cut it short. I even colured my hair. I wish I could show you my hair, it was uh-mah-zing! At that time, I realize that I look cute and awesome with short haircut. So I stay with shorthair till now. The problem is, people call me with so many names. They call me pengkid. Just because I have short hair, that doesnt mean I'm a pengkid or transgendered or anything. I like it short and I will keep it that way for a while. Now I heard this Gaga song called Hair and I like it. The lyrics says,

Wherever I go they stare at me
I won't change it, because of your taste
This is me, this is my hair
All you could find is under my wig
Whether my hair is my pink
My soul is pink
This is who I am

Monday, May 16, 2011

iLi sayang

iLi baru buat blog and she dont want to give me her url. I want to see her blog!!! iLi sayang, please sayang :)

SoodSameon is gone

I have unfollowed SoodSameon from twitter. It felt good now that I dont have to see his tweet. But I dont have the chance to see his face anymore. I wish I could show you his face coz he is damn cute but nanti dia tahu habislah! HAHA never mindlah, there are plenty of cute guys out there espescially on twitter. Guys on twitter are very goodlooking but most of them are taken. HEH :|

Holly Holiday

I cant wait for the holiday. I have no plan for the holiday yet but still I'm excited. I mean, I dont have to go to school and I dont have to wake up early and the best paty is, I can mandi lambat! I can play volleyball and badminton time petang. And I can play with all of my cats for the whole day. BUT before the holiday, I have to face my Mid-Term Exam. It is like the worst nightmare coz its a three weeks exam. And my parents are gonna come to school and meeting with my class teacher to see my bad results. So far six out of ten paper are done and I have four more. So far, I'm pretty confident with my Physics paper and for the first time in my life I feel like I'm gonna fail my History Paper. History is my favourite but I didnt do well this time. Damn it! Anyway I have study for the four last paper. Wish me luck folks

Crappy Talk Three

I've always known as an animal lover to my friends. I really am okay. I love all kinds of animal except for cockroach. Okay I dont want to talk about them, I want to talk about snake. Yes, I love snakes as well. I've always wanted a snake ever since I was a kid. Now I want it more than ever. You see, my birthday is next month and ask my parents for a snake. I want a cornsnake badly. They are cute and their eyes looks innocently cute. My friends call me crazy for saying that snakes are cute, I dont care. I love snakes and I want them as my new pet. Oh great Dee, another crappy talk. Such a waste of time :|

How cute is that

Change of plan

Change of plan guys! I'm not going to keep my hair. I want to cut it and stay short for a while. I'm trying to keep it but its so hot and I cant take it anymore. My hair is getting longer and I'm so 'rimas'. Mama says I can cut my hair and I will cut it maybe by the end of the week or whenever Mama free. I dont care if people are going to call me 'pengkid' or transgendered or whatever. Its my hair, my rights to cut it any style I want. Besides, I look awesome with short hair. And I dont even have to comb it. So jimat masa maaa.

Friday, May 6, 2011


See I know a guy from twitter and he is so fu**in cute. I cant say his name here coz I'm afraid that he's going to read my blog. So I'm gonna give his false name and its gonna be SoodSameon. Okay sounds good, LOL. SoodSameon, he got like thousands of followers and 98% of them are girls. And all of the girls are crazy bout this guy. They tweeted him so many times. They said, 'SoodSameon is the cutest guy ever' and some of them kept saying that his hair are nice (I admit, they are nice). What I dont like is that he is becoming so arrogant and perasan handsome (he is handsome). The girls declare the 1st May as SoodSameon day, and I was like, "WHAT? Sampai macamtu sekali dorang batak ngan laki ni?" And SoodSameon pulak melayan the girls and he kept saying his name is SoodSameon and he is the king of twitter and he is loved by everyone. Okay now I hate him. Yes he is cute but I dont like his attitude. Did I tell you that he's a Malay guy that study pilot kat Australia? And he kept saying that he is mix Malay and Scottish. Dude, you dont have to tell us that you half scottish coz you were born in Malaysia and you grew up in Malaysia and your parents live in Malaysia and you even speak Malay with everyone. SoodSameon, I used to like you but not anymore. YOU SUCK!!

P/S - No offense okay :D

Thursday, May 5, 2011


OMG, I never knew that I have such crazy friends. It all happens in add math class at the chemistry lab. You know the lab, the same lab that I started to know iLi. And today I had a great time with two of my dearest friend, Faa and iLi! Who knew iLi has feelings for A****. And I never knew Faa is a player. She likes ***a, Z** and even our dearest ***! Now that is one true player. Oh and Faa talks a lot, iLi and I always ask her to stop talking but she kept on talking. Haha now I know that I have two crazy friends and knowing that I am the only one that 'waras'. LOL


So tadi one of my friends, Faa ajak me watch movie after spm. I think that is one good idea coz I'm gonna be really bored after spm. My parents tak bagi I keje coz they want me to enjoy my honeymoon before I masuk university or college. So I have to stay at home doing nothing. Alright, after spm I wil go out with Faa or anyone else. Wohoo, watch movies and go out. I hope I'll pass my driving test this year. Fuhh

PINKY is in the house

Pinky. I never thought that I will be called with the name, Pinky. Not ever, not in millions of years. But that is what my friends call me now. I have pink file which I have been carrying since the second day of school. It was not big of a deal at the time until my lovely bag koyak and my shaker rosak. So I went to Alamanda a.k.a my second house to buy the new one. My plan is to buy the same type of bag I used to have but different colour but I when I saw the bag I forget everything. The bag is so amazing and the fabrics are to die for. Unfortunately it only have two colours which is white and pink. I already had a white bag before so I took the pink! Then I went to MPH and I beli shaker baru. I dont know which colour I want and my sister told me to buy the pink so it matches with my pink bag. I was like no, but she said yes. I dont know why, but I beli the pink one. So I pegi sekolah and my friends call me pinky coz I have a pink bag, pink file and pink shaker. I'm such a pinky.