Friday, April 29, 2011


You see, I know iLi and I are very close. We're always together in class and act crazy.We memekak dalam kelas and Shina always mad at us. I get it if people said we both are equally annoying but when my Chinese Chemistry teacher said we look alike I was like WHAT? And iLi was like HUH? And both of us was like NO! Tak sama langsung. I mean come on, I'm obviously cuter (HAHA). Then Erin examine our face and she said that our eyes are kinda same. So we decide to just let it go until Shina said the word. TWIN!! I dont know what she meant by twin, maybe its because of our craziness and our annoying-ness or we do look alike. So I want to clear things up, iLi and I, we're just friends and we're not twins or sibs.

I'm not going to EAT you!

'Diana, janganla pandang kita macam tu. Seram lah' that is what iLi said to me. I didnt take her word seriously at the time. Then another friend of mine, Sya said 'Ko pehal Dee, pandang macam nak makan orang jek'. I was like, what the heck. My eyes are not that scary guys. Don't be afraid, I'm not gonna eat you or kill you. And I don't want to scares anyone, so please don't be afraid. If you are scared of my looks then don't look me in the eyes. Look somewhere else when you are talking to me. Let me clear things up, my eyes are not scary. I'm not a scary person, I'm a really nice girl with crazy attitude. I make people laugh eventhough sometimes it was entirely unintentional. Long story short, I dont have scary eyes but if I do and it scares you then I'm sorry.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Tweet?

I did it. I manage to control myself from tweeting while in class. Oh God, it was hard. While I'm learning, my phone vibrate indicates that someone is tweeting me. I want to read it by I try not to. Why? Well, its because I'm in class and I don't want to waste my time tweeting. But now, tweeting is not the problem anymore. The problem is my tuition classmate hate me and they don't want sit near me. Jeles of my iPhone la tuu. Oh if anyone want to search for my tweet, just search for dolimole.
*And someone didn't reply my tweet, sombong.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Specky specky specky, where do I begin. When I first saw her, I never thought that we'll be this close. I admit, the first time I saw her I said to myself 'who is this girl, what is she doing here'. She looks kinda arrogant so I ignore her. Then, I saw her talking to Umu and she keep on following us and she sat right next to me in Physics lab. She kept on asking me question and I answer her nak tak nak jek. For some reason we get closer, and we start to talk with each other. We make jokes about 'pemeluh'. Haha and we're getting closer during kelas tambahan +mt. We talk about Umu failed on her riding test and I'm joking about surat sekolah. She laugh at my jokes and said she sakit pipi for laughing so hard. That is the time when we becoming a really good friend. Now she got my annoying virus and I'm proud that she is becoming more like me. Our favorite word is 'not nice'. I don't think people understand this word but us,the word is kinda funny for us. She is annoying to me sometimes but I like it that way. If not, I don't think we will be friend like we are now. Go specky or should I call you buddy :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tweet Tweet

I had a twitter ever since 2009 and I'm not an active twitter user. But I don't know why but a few days ago, I decided that I want to give it another try. So I downloaded twitter apps and I tried. Lemme tell you, it was fun. Yeah, F.U.N spells fun. I like it coz its easy and I can update whatever I want whenever I want. I tweeted lot of stuffs and I tweet my sister eventhough she was sitting next to me. But I think twitter give me bad influence coz now I can't concentrate in my tuition class coz all I wanna do is tweeting. And I tweeted, while I'm in class, while the teacher is in the class, while all the students are paying attention to the teacher. I feel bad coz I'm not a bad girl. So I'm gonna keep my phone in my bag in silent mode so that I'm not tweeting in class. Maybe twitter isn't a bad influence, maybe I just obsessed with it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I used to have long hair when I was a kid. And it was horrible I tell you. So I cut my hair short and it was awesome. Ever since that, I always cut my hair short and do whatever style I wanted to. I can do whatever I want with my hair, I don't even comb it sometimes and I had Bieber hair once before. Now, I have decided to keep my hair long and try to live with it for maybe 3  months. If its beautiful and I got many positive feedback, I will keep it for a while. And now, I'm on my way of keeping my hair. But, one side of my hair is longer than the other side coz' the last style I did is I shaved half of my head. It looks good actually now that they are getting longer. I can't wait to see how I'm gonna look like if my hair is long. I think its gonna be UGLY :|

Friday, April 1, 2011

Anje Part II

I am so happy now coz' finally my parents got to spread their bussiness. They finally decide to open our second branch of restaurant in Pelangi Semenyih. Its a great place and I'm hopping we'll be success there.The working progress is done in just one month and the branch will be starting on April 6. And the operating hours are also changed. We will open until night and there will be special menu at night :D

You just got Punk'd

I planned to punk'd someone on April fool and I have come out with brilliant plan. I don't know why but I feel like I want to prank iLi. You see, my plan is to pretend that I'm a customer service and call her and told her that she got two ticket for Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never because I know that she is not fan JB. I want to tell her that if she refuse the ticket, than Maxis will block her number. But I didn't do that. All I did is I stole Teha's and iLi's pencil case and pretend like I'm innocent. And they didn't even knew it was all my doing. HAHA I'm good at this, maybe I should do this more often. But now, I have to be careful coz' maybe they'll punk'd me back.