Saturday, April 9, 2011


Specky specky specky, where do I begin. When I first saw her, I never thought that we'll be this close. I admit, the first time I saw her I said to myself 'who is this girl, what is she doing here'. She looks kinda arrogant so I ignore her. Then, I saw her talking to Umu and she keep on following us and she sat right next to me in Physics lab. She kept on asking me question and I answer her nak tak nak jek. For some reason we get closer, and we start to talk with each other. We make jokes about 'pemeluh'. Haha and we're getting closer during kelas tambahan +mt. We talk about Umu failed on her riding test and I'm joking about surat sekolah. She laugh at my jokes and said she sakit pipi for laughing so hard. That is the time when we becoming a really good friend. Now she got my annoying virus and I'm proud that she is becoming more like me. Our favorite word is 'not nice'. I don't think people understand this word but us,the word is kinda funny for us. She is annoying to me sometimes but I like it that way. If not, I don't think we will be friend like we are now. Go specky or should I call you buddy :)