Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm not going to EAT you!

'Diana, janganla pandang kita macam tu. Seram lah' that is what iLi said to me. I didnt take her word seriously at the time. Then another friend of mine, Sya said 'Ko pehal Dee, pandang macam nak makan orang jek'. I was like, what the heck. My eyes are not that scary guys. Don't be afraid, I'm not gonna eat you or kill you. And I don't want to scares anyone, so please don't be afraid. If you are scared of my looks then don't look me in the eyes. Look somewhere else when you are talking to me. Let me clear things up, my eyes are not scary. I'm not a scary person, I'm a really nice girl with crazy attitude. I make people laugh eventhough sometimes it was entirely unintentional. Long story short, I dont have scary eyes but if I do and it scares you then I'm sorry.

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