Friday, April 29, 2011


You see, I know iLi and I are very close. We're always together in class and act crazy.We memekak dalam kelas and Shina always mad at us. I get it if people said we both are equally annoying but when my Chinese Chemistry teacher said we look alike I was like WHAT? And iLi was like HUH? And both of us was like NO! Tak sama langsung. I mean come on, I'm obviously cuter (HAHA). Then Erin examine our face and she said that our eyes are kinda same. So we decide to just let it go until Shina said the word. TWIN!! I dont know what she meant by twin, maybe its because of our craziness and our annoying-ness or we do look alike. So I want to clear things up, iLi and I, we're just friends and we're not twins or sibs.

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