Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Presents

So here are the presents and cards I got. That card behind there with a picture of a tree, thats from Tia. That cute little card and the turtle with a round glass are from Umu and Erin. That beautiful blue shawl is from Raja. And lastly, the card with picture of cake and that cute sleepy squid are both from Shu. Thanks guys, for the presents, I really like it so much :)

Sweet seventeen

22nd June has been great for me. I got tons of wishes from my family and friends. I got presents from them as well. Thanks guys for wishing me Happy Birthday and thanks to those who gave me presents. I got presents from Umu and Erin that gave me a presents from Thailand, special kot. Thanks to Raja as well for the shawl, I'm loving it. Raja macam taw jek yang I sekarang tengah try pakai shawl. Big thanks to Tia, for that card. I'm still waiting for another ehem2 present from you Tia. And thanks to my Shu darling, for the sleepy squid and the card. I love it so much. And I'm suprised that iLi and Faa wish me coz I thought they had forgotten my bday, but it turns out to be I was wrong. They remembered, so I feel good. Haha now that I'm 17 years old, I can get my driving license :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love you

Father's day is tomorrow and we have arranged something for Ayah tomorrow. We already booked a cake for him and we're going to celebrate it as one big happy family. Ayah doesnt have any clue about this, so we've asked for Mama's help. I hope everything went perfectly well tomorrow coz its a special day. Ayah had sacrifice so much for us and there is no way we can repay him. I hope that by doing this is enough to show him how much we love him. I love you Ayah!

Ps// I wrote in purple coz its a special post :)

Max shedding

I'd like to tell a story about Max. So last week, my brother give me one shocking news. He told me that Max maybe sick, her eyes turns grey and her skin seems dull. So I googled about cornsnake and I learnt that she's about to shed her skin soon. It means she's healthy and growing up. So we wait for a few days, and her eyes turns into normal colourbut we cant find her skin. But later that night, my brother says she shed her skin. I envy him coz he got the chance to witness that precious moment. We decided to keep her skin coz its our first time to have something like that. Anyway, my friends want to see her shedded skin so I'm gonna upload it. It was beautiful :)

Taknak kawan!

So my friend, Tia said that I post about iLi a lot. And I just realizes that. But here I am, still want to talk about iLi, again. Like always, I asked for her blog and as always she said 'Diana, kita tak ready lagi la' but sometimes she said, 'Diana, kita tak update blog kita lagi'. iLi, takkan sampai sekarang tak update lagi! So when she refuse to give me her blog, I said to her 'Oke tape, taknak kawan!'. And today merajuk because she dont to give me her blog. And she asks me me why I'm merajuk.Well iLi, I merajuk coz you dont to give me your blog.

Ps// I talk about iLi a lot, I should make an iLi section kan?

Game on!

I am known to be as a game maniac to all my friends. Well maybe not all of them, but only to people who know me really well. Ever since I was a kid, my parents taught me how to play video game. My favourite game when I was a cute little girl is Tekken and few others that I cant remember their name. Oh and Wrestling of course, and SNK vs Capcom. Damn it was fun! Then our PS 1 broke and my parents didnt bought us PS anymore. I played PS 2 couple of times at my cousin's house and at the game stores. What game did I played? Wrestling of course! Then I begged my parents to buy me PS 3. And I got it. I admit, the games are expensive as hell. 100 above for only one game. But we only bought a game like once in two or three months. My favourite so far is, Wrestling duhh. And Final Fantasy XIII! Wohooo I love that game and I'm the only one in my family that plays the game. Why? Well its because they dont know how to play the game. It was hard but I like it. And now my new favourite is The Sims 3! SPM is getting closer and my addiction is getting bigger. I have to stop playing those games, but gimme another couple of months. Cant wait till SPM is over, Final Fantasy XIII part 2 is out on December. Cant wait for some action. Muahahahahahaha (doing my signature evil laugh)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm in a gang

Wow the holiday is almost over. I dont want it to be over, I want to froze the time so that Monday will never come. Unfortunately, I cant do that. I dont have any power to do such things, I'm not a mutant like those guys in X-men. How good is that story? I havent watch the latest movie. So anyway, I heard and read that few gang in my class are going out. There is one group which I'm not going to tell their name here, planning to go to shopping complex and having slumber party. And there is one group that has no name which consist of the past past years Aman classmates. Of course not all students are invited (including ME). But they are planning to have lunch together or whatever. So I wonder, no one is making plan with me. Why? Well its probably because I'm a boring type of person at school and maybe because they dont like me. Nevermind, I already spent my time with my gang, theye are my family and pets. I had so much fun with my gang and I welcomed two new gang member, Max the snake and unnamed kittens (we probably gonna named him Yudi). Once you're in, you're in forever. There's no way out. We're all one big happy family :)

Killer Octopus

When I was a kid, my sister and I watch a movie. I cant remember the title of the movie but I tell you, that movie was awesome. Its not a malay movie and no its not a comedy. It was horror or suspense, I cant decide. I only remember few punchline of the movie. The movie involved a cephalopod or we all call it as octopus or squid whatever. I remember that there were bunch of highschool kiddos and there were murders happen that time. And the highschool kiddos are trying to save their lives from killer octopus. And they uses drugs to keep them safe, yeh I cant remember the function of the drug but then they discover that the octopus was one of them. Yes, the octopus is actually a human that can transfrorm into octopus. I remember that the killer was the sweetest girl from the group and I cannot believe that shes the bad guy. And there are part when they were running from the bad guy or should I say bad girl. My favourite part is in the pool. There is one guy trying to escape the octopus and he ran into a pool. How stupid is that aite? I mean she is an OCTOPUS! She can swim dude! And somehow he manage to escape the pool. Then the girl came out of the pool as well, and she was NAKED! I'm just a kid back then, but I know how hot she was at that time. Her body was hot and shes hot. Okay thats all I remember. I cant remember anything after the naked scene. Anyway, my sister and I wish that we can watch the movie again. We cant remember the title and the actors. If anybody know the movie, please tell me. I mean there was a naked scene, someone must remember. Even I remember, I was just a kid that time and that was my fav part. Hahaha

Crappy Talk Four

iLi still hasnt give me her blog url. Damn it iLi, why cant you just give it to me? I really want to see her blog, badly. I mean like crazy badly desperately. Why cant she just gave her url aite? I mean whats the point of creating a blog when you dont any people to see it and read it. She said shes not ready, well iLi I will wait. I will ask you frequently until you're gettin' tired of me. I will wait until she finally gave me her url, eventhough I know she might not gonna give me her url ever. Yep, shes not going to give me her url ever. And here you go again Dee, another post full of crappy talk.


June is finally here. My bday is getting closer. I cant tell if I'm excited or scared. I'm exited that I finally reach 17 years old which means I finally get the chance to get a driving license. I'm scared that I'm getting older and still havent met a guy that who knows could be my soulmate. And of course I'm scared of failing my driving test and duhh SPM. You know what? I'm feeling grateful as well. I manage to stay alive for seventeen years and maybe more than that. Some person didnt even get the chance to stay alive this long. So thank you God.

Maxxie baby

All of my friends knew that I always wanted a snake. I've begging my parents for a snake for like a millions of time. I finally got my wish. I got a snake! A corn snake, just what I want. But it wasnt a gift from my parents, my brother bought it. I am totally suprised when he told me that he's already pay the guy for the snake. My parents didnt know about this at all. We only told them about the snake after my brother brought it home. They are pretty furious bout it at first but we're cool now. We got their blessings. The name is MAX. She is more beautiful than what I expected. I am totally in love now. Max is my new baby :)