Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet seventeen

22nd June has been great for me. I got tons of wishes from my family and friends. I got presents from them as well. Thanks guys for wishing me Happy Birthday and thanks to those who gave me presents. I got presents from Umu and Erin that gave me a presents from Thailand, special kot. Thanks to Raja as well for the shawl, I'm loving it. Raja macam taw jek yang I sekarang tengah try pakai shawl. Big thanks to Tia, for that card. I'm still waiting for another ehem2 present from you Tia. And thanks to my Shu darling, for the sleepy squid and the card. I love it so much. And I'm suprised that iLi and Faa wish me coz I thought they had forgotten my bday, but it turns out to be I was wrong. They remembered, so I feel good. Haha now that I'm 17 years old, I can get my driving license :)


  1. Hahahhaa. Payah hadiah uhh. Aku kait sendiri kott ! ;p