Saturday, June 18, 2011

Game on!

I am known to be as a game maniac to all my friends. Well maybe not all of them, but only to people who know me really well. Ever since I was a kid, my parents taught me how to play video game. My favourite game when I was a cute little girl is Tekken and few others that I cant remember their name. Oh and Wrestling of course, and SNK vs Capcom. Damn it was fun! Then our PS 1 broke and my parents didnt bought us PS anymore. I played PS 2 couple of times at my cousin's house and at the game stores. What game did I played? Wrestling of course! Then I begged my parents to buy me PS 3. And I got it. I admit, the games are expensive as hell. 100 above for only one game. But we only bought a game like once in two or three months. My favourite so far is, Wrestling duhh. And Final Fantasy XIII! Wohooo I love that game and I'm the only one in my family that plays the game. Why? Well its because they dont know how to play the game. It was hard but I like it. And now my new favourite is The Sims 3! SPM is getting closer and my addiction is getting bigger. I have to stop playing those games, but gimme another couple of months. Cant wait till SPM is over, Final Fantasy XIII part 2 is out on December. Cant wait for some action. Muahahahahahaha (doing my signature evil laugh)

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