Wednesday, June 8, 2011


June is finally here. My bday is getting closer. I cant tell if I'm excited or scared. I'm exited that I finally reach 17 years old which means I finally get the chance to get a driving license. I'm scared that I'm getting older and still havent met a guy that who knows could be my soulmate. And of course I'm scared of failing my driving test and duhh SPM. You know what? I'm feeling grateful as well. I manage to stay alive for seventeen years and maybe more than that. Some person didnt even get the chance to stay alive this long. So thank you God.


  1. InsyaAllah soon kau akn jumpa the Mr.Right ok ? :) Dun wery dear :) You can do it *for your driving test and SPM. I love you.

  2. Haha thnx Tia, x sabar nk drive nih. Haha LYT