Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm in a gang

Wow the holiday is almost over. I dont want it to be over, I want to froze the time so that Monday will never come. Unfortunately, I cant do that. I dont have any power to do such things, I'm not a mutant like those guys in X-men. How good is that story? I havent watch the latest movie. So anyway, I heard and read that few gang in my class are going out. There is one group which I'm not going to tell their name here, planning to go to shopping complex and having slumber party. And there is one group that has no name which consist of the past past years Aman classmates. Of course not all students are invited (including ME). But they are planning to have lunch together or whatever. So I wonder, no one is making plan with me. Why? Well its probably because I'm a boring type of person at school and maybe because they dont like me. Nevermind, I already spent my time with my gang, theye are my family and pets. I had so much fun with my gang and I welcomed two new gang member, Max the snake and unnamed kittens (we probably gonna named him Yudi). Once you're in, you're in forever. There's no way out. We're all one big happy family :)

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