Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who I Am

First of all, I know that this post will offense some people but I'm gonna write it anyway.

I believe that people nowadays judge other people very easily. When people made a mistake, they said that the person is an ass. When people commit a sin, they call them 'Murtad'. Some said that 'Couple itu Haram'. For me, it is not haram if you do it in a right way like not holding hands or be at somewhere with just the two of you. Another thing is about wishing Christmas. People said that it is haram to say the words but for me, I believe that it wasn't. Islam is all about respect. We have to respect everyone else including other religions. And I personally think that wishing Merry Christmas is not wrong, we have to respect other religions like some of them respect ours. If we can't wish Merry Christmas because it was like we are approving their religion, then we should not wish Happy Deepavali or Happy Chinese New Year or whatever. And they don't have to wish ours either. We should all live in a cave and be racists. My dad said, if our 'iman' are strong and we believe in Allah SWT, then wishing Merry Christmas is not wrong. Just because I said bad stuff like most of the time, that doesn't mean I don't pray to Allah.

This is just my opinion and who I am, if you are disagree with it then it's fine. Everybody have their own opinion.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I see...

I like to observe people and what they do, it's just my thing you know. On this holiday, I've seen many things. Number one, I see lots of my friends or aquaintance talk about driving license. So many drama, I tell you. Okay so first week after SPM, I saw they talked about attending KPP whish was 5 hours long. Some asked for my advice because I already have a driving license :D My only advice for them is to bring their ipod or phone because it is boring as hell. Then this week, I saw people talked about computer test and another driving course for six hours. I knew that if they want to sit for computer test, they have to come very very early because this is holiday season, it's going to be packed with people. When I sat for the test before, I don't even have to wait. I walked in, and answer it directly then I left the place. The second thing I see, is that most of my friend re-create or create a blog. One of my friend create a new blog just now and one of my friend re-create her blog. It's great, because now I can read their blog and they can read mine (I hope they'll read). Next thing I see, most of my FB and Twitter friends change their status from single to in a relationship and some from in a relationship to it's complicated and finally back to single and some from married to single. Me? I haven't change my status (I'm not a loner). I also learnt that, most of my followings on twitter are bunch of kids. They are age between 13 to 16. And all 15 kids, are scared of their results tomorrow. The last thing I learnt is that, you don't have to be smart or cool to become a twitfamous. Recently, there's one girl named Tengku Sophia become a trending topic worldwide because she insulted Islam. And there's one guy who just deactivate his twitter account and he also become a TTWW. And lastly, there's one gy named Apit that become a TTWW in just one day because of his stupid tweet. He tweeted like this, 'Apit c0weY apit tak daPatz puAskAn aty 0rang rAmAi' and even stupid Bieber tweet about him. I learnt that, Malaysians are great topic trenders because in just one week, we trended few people. So that is all I see, so far.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Underworld is a game that I bought for over a year ago. I bought it because I thought the game would be adventurous and fun, besides Lara Croft is a beautiful girl. But it turns out to be I was wrong, the game wasn't adventurous, it was brutally adventurous and I have no clue how to solve the missions. I stucked on the first level inside the ocean and there are jaws every where. Well not every where, but there are two. They chased you know, and we have to kill them. Anyway, since I stucked on the first mission, I stopped playng it. But now that I'm on my long holiday, I don't know what should I do so my sisters and I decided that we want to try the game once again with a little help of YouTube. We managed to accomplished level after level, and now we are in Level four or five I can't remember. Each levels are different and really really hard. Sometimes we even have to fight with tigers, puma, big spiders, mummies and giant octopus, damn it hard. And we have to climb up walls and poles and swing from one building to another. Somehow, the game freaked me out a little bit, espescially when I have to swim. Tomb Raider is about history and artifacts, so I'm learning as well. The game is not over yet, I have to complete few more level than I'm out.

Forced Marriage

I was forced to get marry with someone I haven't met before. It was crazy, I tell you. I didn't get the chance to see my future husband face though. It was just a dream I had last night. I don't know whatis the meaning of this but it was scary. The wedding take place in my school hall, which makes it more weird. The guests are all school students and some of them were my classmates. Then when my supposed to be future husband want to do the 'ijab kabul', I ran away. Yeah, kinda like a Bollywood movie but it's the truth. Then I woke up. I don't know why I dreamt about it, but I'm glad it was just a dream. I don't want to be force when it comes to marriage, I want to get married with a guy that I love or I knew. All I know is that, the event is not going to happen real soon. Maybe eight or ten years to come.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a new rising star. It was MTV Push that introduced me to this new singer. MTV kept airing her song called Video Games and my first impression towards her was; She's beautiful but her voice is really bad and I don't like her at all. But after few times of watching her video and mocking her, I started to think that; her voice is not that bad and so was her song. So my sister downloaded her songs, Video Games and Blue Jeans. Her songs are good but I don't like the lyrics much. The lyrics are little bit lusty and sensual but when she sings, it sounded like she was depressed. Anyway, I still like her song. Her songs are memorable like hell, I kept singing her song all day everyday.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I still remember my first day at SMKBBB. I was form 1 at the time, and I was placed in 1 Aman. From what I was told, Aman is the best class in the school so I was proud. I don't remember much, but I have lots of friends there. I met most of my nowadays friends from there. Shina was the first person ever speak to me, and then I met Raja, Mon, Zoo,Muaz and so many more. That was the beginning of my journey at SMKBBB. I've been in Aman from I was in my form 1 until now, Amanians forever. I've finished my SPM few weeks ago and I kept recalling all of my school memories. How I met Shu and the first time I saw Lili my crush. When I think of it all over again, I realize how much I've grown and what I've been through. Yes I miss all of my friends. No I don't miss school, I just miss hanging out with my friends. Lets just say, FB and Twitter is not enough. Its great that I can keep in touch with them but its not the same. I still can't see them right in front of me and making jokes with them. But it is what it is, school has ended and I have to deal with it. I gotta plan my future from now on even though I still have no clue what course should I take. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miss Her

My favourite game ever, Final Fantasy XIII have another sequels. FF XIII-2 will come out winter 2011. I can't wait for it. Can't wait for the story and the adventures.  I can't wait to use Lightning and kick everyone's butt. Lightning is my favourite game character ever besides Lili from Tekken. From the trailer, I found that Lightning was trapped in another world another year. She was dragged from the real world after saving Serah (her sister). In this game,I could use Serah as well and she is going to save Lightning from the world. And there is going to be a new villain, and a new character. Can't wait to try them! And Lightning is going to have a new costume, kinda like a warrior instead of soldier like the last one. But she still have her Odin, the horse that could turn into a gianti warrior.

I Miss Her

Living Free, so far

Before SPM, I've planned on doing many things. I want to read novels that I bought before SPM, I want to play games like crazy, I want to online everyday, I want to play with all of my cats etc etc. So far, the only thing that I did was online everyday because I have my phone with me all the time and I can tweet everytime. I also played with all of my cats everyday. Everyday, I go out of my house and I sat on a wood table and all of my cats will come to me. What can I say, I like being surrounded with cats. It is the best feeling in the world. I love them so much, I gave them food and refill their water to drink. I play with Junior's kittens, I named the Emmet, Deff and Bay (those are the characters of Switched At Birth show on Star World). Also, I spent most of my time with my little sister, Iman everyday! I love her so much and I feel like she's growing so fast everyday. I just bought a new video game, King of Fighters XIII. It used to be one of my favourite game ever on PS1. I still got it, I still got the skill and I love it. And my sister and I tried to play one game that we bought a year ago. The game was Tomb Raider:Underworld. We played this game a year before and we stucked on the first level. But now, we manage to walk through it and we are on level 2! It is the toughest game ever! My sisters and I played Sims 3 Pets and each one of us have our own sims with our names. I like building houses on sims. Maybe I could be an architect in the future because the houses I've build was Awesome (high pitch voice). So the only thing that I havent do is reading all of my pending novels. Maybe next week kot. Okay so that is all my routine everyday on Living free, so far.

Last Paper of SPM

Okay one week after Biology, I have to face my last paper of SPM that is EST. I'm quite nervous because I didn't have any clue of what questions will came out. So I study on the last minute using the Internet to search for any information that I think will come out. When the arrived, I must  say I'm prepare for any question. So when I open the paper and I read the question. The question was about, ROBOTS. I didn't see it coming at all. I didn't do any research on robots so I'm scared. When I see the question, all that I can think of is the movie Terminator, Robo-Cop and Transformer. Thank God, I did well. I elaborate on the points given and I finished my report after 55 minutes writing. Then I continue with section A and I finished it on time. After 2 hours, I have EST paper 2 and it was objective so I didn't worry much. I think I did well on my EST paper, and I hope I will get an A for it.