Sunday, December 18, 2011


I still remember my first day at SMKBBB. I was form 1 at the time, and I was placed in 1 Aman. From what I was told, Aman is the best class in the school so I was proud. I don't remember much, but I have lots of friends there. I met most of my nowadays friends from there. Shina was the first person ever speak to me, and then I met Raja, Mon, Zoo,Muaz and so many more. That was the beginning of my journey at SMKBBB. I've been in Aman from I was in my form 1 until now, Amanians forever. I've finished my SPM few weeks ago and I kept recalling all of my school memories. How I met Shu and the first time I saw Lili my crush. When I think of it all over again, I realize how much I've grown and what I've been through. Yes I miss all of my friends. No I don't miss school, I just miss hanging out with my friends. Lets just say, FB and Twitter is not enough. Its great that I can keep in touch with them but its not the same. I still can't see them right in front of me and making jokes with them. But it is what it is, school has ended and I have to deal with it. I gotta plan my future from now on even though I still have no clue what course should I take. 

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