Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haters and Mango

So few days ago, there's one guy named Hafiz Irfan became a new trending topic in twitter. People claimed that he looks like Zayn Malik. And so I tweeted that his english sucks. What can I say, his english sucks big time. He said to his girlfriend, 'You is the girls I loved'. And people kept saying that he and his girlfriend are the sweetest couple ever. He promised to marry her someday. And so I said that they are young and stupid. There are things in life that are more important than that and life is hard. They are too young to have a relationship and talked about marriage, that is all I said. And BOOM! I got tons of reply from the couple's fanatics mad at me for saying that. And they claimed that I'm a loner and have no life. They said that I shouldn't said that about that stupid Hafiz and his ugly girlfriend because I'm wearing hijab. I didn't know that there are rules saying, a girl with Hijab on should tweet something good and girl with no hijab should tweet something bad. The last time I checked, girls with no hijab hate to be claimed bad. And now, all of the sudden they said I broke the rules. Stupid people!! Some of them are really mean, one of them called me 'Anjing'. Some of them called me,'Babi' and some of them said I should mind my own bussiness.Go to hell with all of that, you said I should mind my own bussiness but lemme tell you something, it is you that should stay away from my tweets and mind your own bussiness. It it my twitter, I can tweet whatever I want, whenever I want. And what made them more pissed, I didn't reply their tweets. And then, my classmate that I hate the most tweet something that she meant for me. I call her Mango because of her face shaped like a mango. In my previous previous previous post, I refer he as Senah. She said that I like to pick up a fight and she said I'm an attention seeker. So I tweeted about Mango and it hit her. Hey stupid fat Mango, I don't like you. But I don't want to pick up a fight with you anymore, because I promised to iLi I won't do that. And it's just a waste of time arguing with a stupid girl. No wonder your boyfriend left you for another girl. HAHA

PS// I'm a nice girl, but I can be bad sometimes.