Thursday, January 5, 2012


Amalina is a new topic that almost all Malaysians talked about right now. Amalina is a girl that scored 17 A1 in her SPM. She was sent to overseas for further study and she was a role model for every students. But now, people don't talked about her SPM results anymore, they talked about her personality and appearance. A picture of her not wearing hijab was spread all over internet and people assumed that she's experience culture shocked there. They said, she turned into a bad girl now and they said bad things about her. What they didn't know is that, even before she was sent to further study she was already 'free-hair'. They just assumed that she take off her hijab when she was there. Recently, Amalina recorded a video. In her video she said that, if we want to give her advice, tell her in a good way instead of mocking her and said bad things about her. And I agree with her. If we want her to change or be a better Muslim, then we should talk to her in a good way. By the way, I'm  in Team Amalina. Hehe

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