Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cute Couple

Few weeks ago, my sisters and I went to Alamanda to watch a movie, MI4. We bought the tickets early, so we got a sweet spot. Before we enter the cinema, we bought pop corns and waters for us to drink. And in front of us, I saw a very cute couple. They are cute because they are the elders. They bought their pop corns together, and entered the cinema together. I think they are sweet because, even though they are old they still go for a date together and be romantic with each other. But, I'm a little bit jealous of them as well. Jealous, because I don't have a sweet boyfriend like the old man. I hope someday when I'm old and still be able to walk and healthy, I will spend my time with my husband (I hope I get married someday) like them.

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