Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I miss You

My class teacher has rearranged our class seats. And where do I seat now? I'm at the front row and the best part is its right in front of teacher's desk. Why? Its because I got no. 7 in class on my mid term. Dont get me wrong, I like being in the top ten but the thing is I dont like to seat in front. I am so far away from my usual friends back there. I no longer seat next to Tia, Faa is way back there coz' she's absent from mid term and iLi also at the back. My new partner is now Zahra, she is fine and I'm cool with it. We talked a lot and we got bored during Sejarah period. The problem is, I miss my friends. I cannot believe I said this, but I miss iLi. I miss Faa. I miss Tia. I miss talking to them and just chilling at the back. NVM, I still got the chance meeting iLi and Faa at the lab and English class :D

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