Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Question

Yesterday during English class iLi asks me one simple question. She said, "What would you do, if I'm not here and we never even met or knew each other?" And I just said that I probably gonna do my work and talk to Zoo like we used to do when iLi wasnt here. But the thing is, something about the question bothers me much. I realize that I have such a great friend that is iLi and ever since I met her, I had such a good time in class. I cant imagine myself without her sitting next to me in English class or lab. Funny how a simple random question could change my perspective to her and my other friends.

PS// The reason why I wrote about iLi more than my other friends is because she's the one who asked me the question. So no jeles-jeles or touching-touching eh :)

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