Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Emm Raya raya raya. I'm not much of a raya person coz its too crowded. The whole family will gather in one house and talk about their lives bla bla. The only thing I like during raya is the food, there are ketupat, rendang, lodeh, ayam merah and sometimes nasi beriani. Usually my family will gather at Segamat with my father's side but this year we celebrate raya in JB with my mum's family. Its a little bit awkward at first but I had a pretty good time. My mum's side, they are loud. They talk a lot espescially Kak Rai my cousin, she keep on talking and I'm tired by just watching and listened to her. Then we went to Segamat, but it was just a short visit then we went straight to Bangi. Never in my entire life, I celebrate the third day of raya in my place and went for a movie. I didnt count my duit raya yet, I just put them in my purse and left it somewhere in my room. The best part is, I have trial on the next week of raya.

PS// I'm not gonna upload my raya picture coz I dont take a lot picture this Raya.

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