Wednesday, May 18, 2011


See I know this girl, I cant tell you the real name here so I'm gonna change her name to Senah. I know her since last year I think. So I'm not close with this Senah girl, I mean she's not the type that I'd like to call friend. But I dont hate her, at least until today. She make me pissed that I feel like I want to hit her with my book and throw stick at her like Sue Sylvester does to Mercedes Jones in Glee. So anyway, she ask me to do something which is fine by me. But I dont like the way she ask me. She marah2 me and claiming that I'm not responsible. I was like WTF Senah, cant you ask me with proper manner? You see Senah, I maybe quiet but that doesnt mean you can be rude to me and expect me to let it go. In case you dont know me, I'm not nice when I'm mad. I will get you back, maybe not today or tomorrow but someday. You will look at me one day and you will be sorry for what you've done to me. Mark my word Senah.

Ps : I sounded evil kan? Wah garangnya :D Muahahahaha *cute evil laugh

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