Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I used to have long hair. I mean like, they are really long, sampai lutut bai. Everyone seems to love my hair but not me. I dont like it at all, I think the hair is too long and its hard for me to take care of it. So after few years of asking and begging my Mama to potong rambut, she finally agrees when I'm in form one. I only cut it for like a few inches only at first. Then after that, I asked Mama to cut it even shorter. So I went to saloon and cut it short. I even colured my hair. I wish I could show you my hair, it was uh-mah-zing! At that time, I realize that I look cute and awesome with short haircut. So I stay with shorthair till now. The problem is, people call me with so many names. They call me pengkid. Just because I have short hair, that doesnt mean I'm a pengkid or transgendered or anything. I like it short and I will keep it that way for a while. Now I heard this Gaga song called Hair and I like it. The lyrics says,

Wherever I go they stare at me
I won't change it, because of your taste
This is me, this is my hair
All you could find is under my wig
Whether my hair is my pink
My soul is pink
This is who I am

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