Friday, May 6, 2011


See I know a guy from twitter and he is so fu**in cute. I cant say his name here coz I'm afraid that he's going to read my blog. So I'm gonna give his false name and its gonna be SoodSameon. Okay sounds good, LOL. SoodSameon, he got like thousands of followers and 98% of them are girls. And all of the girls are crazy bout this guy. They tweeted him so many times. They said, 'SoodSameon is the cutest guy ever' and some of them kept saying that his hair are nice (I admit, they are nice). What I dont like is that he is becoming so arrogant and perasan handsome (he is handsome). The girls declare the 1st May as SoodSameon day, and I was like, "WHAT? Sampai macamtu sekali dorang batak ngan laki ni?" And SoodSameon pulak melayan the girls and he kept saying his name is SoodSameon and he is the king of twitter and he is loved by everyone. Okay now I hate him. Yes he is cute but I dont like his attitude. Did I tell you that he's a Malay guy that study pilot kat Australia? And he kept saying that he is mix Malay and Scottish. Dude, you dont have to tell us that you half scottish coz you were born in Malaysia and you grew up in Malaysia and your parents live in Malaysia and you even speak Malay with everyone. SoodSameon, I used to like you but not anymore. YOU SUCK!!

P/S - No offense okay :D

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