Friday, March 25, 2011

So not into you

So I've met one guy in FB. Well, he's ex student of my school, it means he transferred to another school. After a few talk, I found that he is quite interesting. I mean I like him, he's cute and he's nice. So we exchange our phone number, to get to know each other better. And we text each other. At first it was good, but after one too many he's getting a little weird and it makes me feel uncomfortable. So I excuse myself. And later that night, he kept texting me saying that he want to text me. And I am so not in the mood and on the nexxt day he kept on asking me to text him and it really annoyed me. So I made up many reasons to not text him and finally I had enough and I don't even reply him. I used to like him, and now not anymore. Sorry dude, you annoy me much and please give me some space okay. I don't want to spend my entire time texting you.