Thursday, November 17, 2011

First week of SPM

First week of SPM is over and I am so happy. That means, school is almost over and I can go back to my game life. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released by the end of the year, can't wait for it! Okay back to main topic, SPM. So far, the first week was alright. BM was okay and very tiring, I  wrote a long essay. Well, long for me but not for others. I wrote an essay with less than 500 words and others wrote about 1000 something. But I'm pretty confident with my essay so I don't mind. Besides, total words doesn't matter, what matter is the content! That is what my teacher said, she said don't write a long essay because they want to see the content of the essay and the maturity of thought. Okay move on with BI. Essay was okay, I guess. I stumbled at first, but then I managed to write a good essay. BI paper 2 was easy, I finished the paper in an hour and I slept for another hour left. Then SJ, I think I've done well but we'll see. Okay, paper 1 was quite hard. I prefer paper 2 more. I spent 2 hours answering  essay question and half an hour on structure. I finished it on time, like a champ. I'm a little scared because I don't read much. I answered based on my memory. Lastly, I have Modern Maths. Not a big fan of numbers, so I'm quite nervous of it. On paper 1, I left few questions because I can't answer them  so I just close my eyes and tick and any answer. Paper 2 was easy, I can answer all of the question. I answered the questions using my pen for the first time ever. Usually I just used my pencil. I answered all questions on section B because I finished the paper quite early. I heard people said Math was hard and I got scared. Maybe I thought it was easy but then I did many careless mistakes. I don't know, we'll see my results in another 3 months. That is all for this week and I have 6 subjects and 2 weeks left, so wish me luck!

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